Fishing Engagement Session by Jeannine Marie Photography


If there’s anything KV readers should have figured out by now, it’s the fact that we absolutely love fun, themed and personalized weddings/engagement sessions. That’s why today’s Fishing Engagement session by Jeannine Marie Photography just had to be published…it embodies everything we celebrate here in the Villa!

One of Joey’s passions is fishing, and he’s very dedicated when it comes to that. He gets up every morning before work to put in some fishing time. For the proposal, Joey also asked Katelyn to be his wife on a boat while the two were fishing.

Katelyn and Joey decided to have a fishing theme for their August wedding in 2015 which made an engagement session by the river a perfect fit. The couple even pulled out a fishing pole during the shoot!

Fishing-Engagement-Session-MN Fishing-Engagement-Session-jeannine-marie-knotsvilla Fishing-Engagement-Session-boat-sign Fishing-Engagement-Session-bride-groom Fishing-Engagement-Session-love Fishing-Engagement-Session-shoot Fishing-Engagement-Session-river Fishing-Engagement-Session-fishing-pole Fishing-Engagement-Session-fishing-pole-engagement-ringFishing-Engagement-Session-lawnFishing-Engagement-Session-knotsvillaFishing-Engagement-Session-green-lawnFishing-Engagement-Session-coupleFishing-Engagement-Session-under-tree

Wedding Planning Advice

“Advice would be, try to step back and embrace everything. Even though planning a wedding can and is very stressful at times just remember to enjoy it because once it is over you cannot relive that moment. Take it all in!” – Katelyn


Photography: Jeannine Marie Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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