Fall Wedding Style for The Groom and Groomsmen

We are rounding up this fall week with fall wedding style options for the men at the wedding. Thinking of how to style your groom and his groomsmen for your fall wedding? In this post I’d try to show how this can work and of course along with the “hows” would come photos of inspiration for better visualization.

With the fall season comes the cooler weather (at least cooler than the hot summer). For men’s styling, this is an opportunity for the men to embrace textures, layers and colors. Just like bridesmaids we see and love these days, the groomsmen don’t have to always match but should coordinate. This means its okay to think of mismatching your grooms with these options listed below but should have some sort of coordination; like all groomsmen wearing jackets or no jackets, same colored pants, or same boutonnieres. For the mismatched look, some of the options I love are the mismatched ties (same colors but different styles/patterns), different shades of one colors for the cardigans, and totally random multi-colored socks!

Remember we talked about the fall wedding colors, keep these in mind when styling your groom. You don’t have to include all the fall colors, you can select a color (or two) and play with different hues of them. Imagine a picture of the groomsmen and bridesmaids together, some flow and coordination would be nice right? Keep the bridesmaids look in mind when styling the groomsmen. For example, matching the tie colors to the bridesmaids dress or using same flowers for bouquets and boutonnieres.

Here are 6 areas to consider when getting the perfect fall men’s look for the wedding.

1. Suit/Tux/Jackets

Decide which of these he would be wearing then pick a right fit and right color. With fall sometimes being chilly, textured materials are known for the season. If he is considering a jacket it is okay and very fashionable to play around with a textured look as long as he is comfortable with it. Basic colors for suits/tuxes are usually black or grey but tan/beige/brown/burgundy seem to be some of fall’s favorites.


Groom in brown textured jacket, blue shirt with pattern bow tie. Photo by Melanie Duerkopp via GWS

2. Vest/Cardigans

Is he wearing a vest inside his suit/tux? Or is he wearing the vest alone? A vest alone is different, a bit more casual but in my books also a fall favorite. With the fall weather, it can be tricky because sometimes it is hot and other times more on the chilly side. So a cardigan might be something to consider, also different and a bit casual/semi-formal. A boutonniere added to the vest or cardigan gives it the fashionable but wedding look.


Men in brown/mocha vests with colored mismatching ties. Photo by Chenin Boutwell via Wedding Chicks


Groomsmen in sweaters and boutonnieres. Photo by Kristina Curtis Photography via Wedding Chicks

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3. Suspenders

Many times, we see suspenders being worn without any covering (no jacket over). This is another different and semi-formal look that is a favorite of mine. Like bridesmaids want something re-wearable, I believe your groomsmen would appreciate that too. A pair of suspenders, solid colored shirt and pants would be ideal for a fall wedding in a weather that is not so chilly. Also with suspenders you can have fun with mismatching colors or patterns as long as the colors used are part of the wedding colors.


A set of very happy groomsmen in mismatched colored suspenders. Photo by Katelyn James Photography


Groom with vest and long tie, groomsmen in suspenders. Photo by Bwright Photo via Wedding Chicks

4. Pants

Pants can be tricky, they are so bold that if the men are not comfortable with the colors or material it could show. So many men opt for standard colored pants which are black, dark blue and grey. But if your men are bold enough to pull off non standard colors, I say go for it! Think of the blues, browns or something more on the casual side – jeans! These could match well with tops/jackets not so bold so the look is toned down a bit, looking fashionable but not over the top.


Fashionable groomsmen in blue pants and brown suits. Photo by Anne-Claire Brun via Wedding Chicks


Brown suits and Jeans. Groom stands out with vest. Photo by Austin Gros via SMP

5. Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres are appropriate for almost every look. Whether it is a suit, tux, semi-formal jackets, cardigans or no jackets at all. Boutonnieres give a nice touch to the men’s look and gives an opportunity for the men to look coordinated with the bridesmaids as they also have flowers. There are many fall inspired flowers and colors to play around with when styling the men for the wedding. Also keep in mind the stems of the boutonnieres (the wrapping of the stems) are things to consider when deriving the whole look.


Cranberry colored bout with tie for the groom/groomsmen. Photo by Watson-Studios via SMP

6. Ties and Pocket Squares

Ties are just like the boutonnieres, they go well with almost all the options available. What is more interesting about the ties is the flexibility they carry; from long neck ties to bow ties ranging from different colors and patterns. It’s a pool of endless possibilities with the styles of ties available. Like mentioned above, this is an area of mismatching I love; using the same colors but different shades or pattern for all the groomsmen. For pocket squares we see these mainly when the men are in suit/tuxes which are more on the formal side. The pocket squares a lot of times match the vest or the ties in colors.


Groom in Orange Pocket square and tie. Photo by  Gideon Photography via Bloved Weddings

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Inspired? I hope so! What’s your favorite Groom/groomsmen style? Are you on the formal side or more on the casual? Jackets or Tuxedo? I’d love to hear!

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