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Just a few days ago, I and my friend were imagining what a world would be like if all the things we bought, were gotten from friends and small business. It was a good thought because those are the times when you realize other vendors exist and may not be the big names you hear and read about. That is one of the reason the #EWAMVendorLove is dear to me; because I have come to understand that talent is everywhere and sometimes all someone needs is just a little push, a little showcasing and perhaps a little featuring on EWAM 🙂 That is how they go big, grow clients and of course become the names you then hear and read about. So with much excitement, I bring you the next we vendor feature; Timeless Allure which I discovered on Instagram.

Timeless Allure LLC is a invitation and event stationery company, founded by Niasia Rouse, in New jersey. Timeless Allure specializes in creating custom stationery for events which includes invitations, programs, menus, water bottle labels, and anything else you could think of. According to Niasia, before the business was legally established, she enjoyed creating MySpace layouts, flyers, business cards, and other odd graphic jobs. She fell in love with invitations because “they are simple beauties“. Niasia is a manager at a bridal salon and holds a degree from the Art Institute of Philadelphia for Fashion Marketing. So considering such fashion related background,  she is completely in love with aesthetics, color, and texture but, also clean lines, sharp imaging, and simplicity.

All these led Niasia into cutting other services and focusing primarily on invitations. Along with invitations, she took on other paper components of events. Niasia loves working with clients that have themes for their event because she believes it challenges her and pushes her to the next level.

Niasia Rouse is in her mid twenties with a son and engaged to be married in 2014.

Connect with Timeless Allure via
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/timelessallure
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/timelessallure
Email: [email protected]

Work completed by Timeless Allure.



#EWAMVendorLove is set to appreciate all kinds of vendors in the Wedding industry that help to keep a couple happy on one of the most memorable days of their lives. Please feel free to contact us if you would like your work showcased on the blog; we’d be happy to put you out there!

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