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Today EWAM is loving on the Illume collection and very happy to show it off. Sara Archibald Sandberg is the creator of Illume and her collection focuses on an area where many bridal gowns seem to be lacking; modesty. After being asked to design several wedding gowns for friends and acquaintances, she recognized the glaring need for modern and stylish wedding dresses that still maintain a high level of quality and modesty. Upon completion of these first dresses, the response spoke volumes to her ability and creative eye. This is what ultimately led her to start Illume. Right now, Illume has 5 dress styles and 3 bridal jackets.

So what is so special about Illume?

What makes us different from other bridal designers is that all our gowns have sleeves. After doing custom bridal for over 7 years we found that many brides are looking for gowns with sleeves and can’t find them in stores. Many brides want sleeves for different reasons: they want a more high-end sophisticated look, they are getting married in churches or temples where they need more coverage or they are not comfortable with bare arms or showing too much cleavage. – Sarah

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