EWAM’s First Bridal Shower: Lena Wilson

California-Wedding-Bridal-ShowerExcuse how pretty she is, she really does not mean to offend anyone, lol!

I remember when Lena sent in her engagement photos to share, I was beaming with excitement under the ball dropped and we couldn’t go ahead with that feature. That beauty sat in my drafts for so long and it sucked I couldn’t share it with all of you. But then the light at the tunnel shone *insert dramatic song here* when Lena said she was going to share her Bridal shower. I think I can say I’m even more excited with this for the sole reason that it’s EWAM’s first Bridal Shower feature and it’s a gorgeous one!

Lena tells EWAM:

Love is in the details! My April 6th bridal shower was AMAZING!! It was like a surprise party I knew about because my MOH, Nye, and one of my Amazing bridesmaids, Ronic, as well as Mama Cassandra went through so much effort to put on a beautiful event. 

First of all, originally I wanted my wedding to be peacock theme. I quickly realized that the classy look of a wedding would not vibe very easily with peacock feathers all over. So I decided that I wanted a peacock themed bridal shower!! Wow they went above and beyond to make this event a hit!!

Photography: Randy Zuniga of Edizon Flix
Location: Lena’s parents home, Gardena, CA

More details shared by Lena at the bottom, keep on scrolling…

I am so blessed to have so many amazing women in my life. The most amazing part was the presentation of the brooches. Each person came up and gave a speech about why they choose that brooch for me. I felt so much love. I am so excited to walk down the aisle with a piece of each one of these women with me, because each of them has poured into my life to make me the woman I am. – Lena
More details Lena tells EWAM:

The decorations: Ronic is amazing! She brought ALL of them! Peacock feathers, an amazing backdrop, even an actual peacock! (A stuffed bird not real). Nye even made the water bottles into the same thing. The centerpieces were absolutely gorgeous!! 

The Food: Oh what a classy brunch this was! All the food made with love by my very own mama Cassandra. Chicken, waffles quiche, a chocolate fountain with plenty of dipping items. Brunch foods with mimosas for days! 

The Games: Although I didn’t get to play too many, I truly enjoyed watching everyone laughing so much and having such a good time! Vanessa did such a good job as the game host! The cucumber game was the most memorable! You could hear the laughter all the way down the street!!

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