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 Happy Friday EWAM lovers! 4 posts in one week? Clearly I am falling in love all over again with blogging, and this feature makes that even easier! Posts like these make me want to warn every guy of the importance of having a camera (a good one!) handy when you decide you are ready to ask that question. Imagine what the world would be like if we did not have these happy photos of Austin asking Rachel to be his wife? Lol, am I being too dramatic? My apologies, these photos are just to precious not to make a fuss about. See more of Rachel and Austin’s proposal and Engagement photos and wish them a happy wedding planning and most of all a Long and happy marriage 🙂

Oh and this is a second feature where the story is told by the guy, too precious!
Ps: They are getting hitched on my birthday, totally random I know, but still exciting for me 🙂

Name of Couple: Austin Blanchard and Rachel Thompson
Wedding date: March 23, 2013
Proposal Location: Old Fort Golf Course, Murfreesboro, TN
Proposal Date: May 11, 2012

The Proposal: After the ring was purchased and her parents gave their blessing, I met some friends at Old Fort Golf Course in Murfreesboro to plan a strategy for the best surprise. My accomplices found their hiding spots to take photos, and we had everything ready to go. I gave them the ring that night since I knew the suspense would kill me and I’d probably pop the question that night.

The next morning, Rachel and I headed to the golf course for our 8:07 am tee time. After the group in front of us got off the second hole green our friend, Jason, snuck on and placed the ring in the hole. After we got on the green I let her go on and putt her ball in. When she bent down to get the ball she noticed the box and turned around to find me on a knee.

She still doesn’t remember anything I said and to be honest I’m really not sure either. All I know is that Friday, May 11th, the woman of my dreams said yes the most important question I’ve ever asked.

Rachel and Austin’s Engagement Photos 
by Mike Cowart of Myrick Studios


Wishing Rachel and Austin all the goodies of the married life!
Send in your proposal stories when you have a chance, we would love to know HowHeAsked 🙂

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