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These days I am learning not to leave my readers hanging over the weekends so today is one of the days where I consider running this blog 24/7 as opposed to the regular 9-5. Don’t get used to it though…I’m only testing 🙂 Showing love for EWAM Brides(maids) with their hair dos to inspire you because your hair needs attention too. What type of Bride are you hoping to be in regards to your hair? An Up-Do or Down-Do Bride? For my wedding, I opted for both; up do for ceremony and down do for the reception.
Thanks to the EWAM Brides (maids) for these gorgeous looks!

EWAM Up Dos and Down Dos
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Liam + Kirrilly, Hair Stylist: N/A // Jennifer + Michael, Hair Stylist: Friend of the Bride // Lori + CJ, Hair Stylist: N/A // Michele + Gabe, Hair Stylist: Laura Cavanagh @ Hair Comes The Bride // Elizabeth & Robert, Hair Stylist: Bride’s Sister In-law, Stacey Schultz // Tasha + Moses, Hair Stylist: Marv Smith @ The Hair Lounge // Liz + Ryan, Hair Stylist: Pamela Allison Green

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