EWAM celebrates 1 year of a Dream!

Seriously, I really have no words right now, I see this post as the type I would begin and stop for a bit to continue later just because it has no structure and is just a bunch of garbled thoughts of joy, gratitude and fulfillment all in one! 
Where did all that time go? No kidding, time really goes by super fast when you are enjoying something. You see, EWAM was born out of me planning my wedding and not wanting to stop after it was over. I just remember thinking “I miss those planning days and now it is over what do I do with all this helpful information stuck in my head?” I remember that day so clearly, Sunday, September 2nd 2012. The idea was as raw as it could be, no form, no shape, just an idea on that Sunday morning. It felt like I was faced with 2 options; run with it now or run with it never. It was almost like I was sure if I had left my house to church that Sunday without making any concrete step I was never going to go ahead. So that morning I created EWAM’s Facebook page and that was like my commitment to make sure this idea was not aborted but born, refined and be all it was made to be. 

People were quite unsure of what EWAM was about, heck I was quite unsure that morning myself, but all I knew was that I wanted to help and inspire brides and grooms plan their wedding with joy and no stress. If I could save them stress that I experienced while planning, that would be all worth it. That was all I knew! I have always been a blog lover but for some reason I had never read any wedding blog so it couldn’t have been something I picked up from somewhere, I just knew I could help and that is what I wanted to do. Blogging just ended up being the platform because like I said, I have always been a blog lover. 
Today I look back and see how EWAM has grown and the feedback I get helps me to keep pressing on. Oh no, don’t mistake this post for one to mean this blog has “arrived” my idea is still evolving and I know I’m not close, I am only appreciating that I have begun – Not where I need to be, but definitely not where I was. Today I’m full of gratefulness, joy and hope for this project of mine. I am learning that passion is only a beginning tool but hard work is what keeps it going. I’m thankful for the passion that helped me begin and everyone of you that clicked, liked, shared, emailed and called which has been really encouraging.

Thanks to God and thanks to you!

Today This week, EWAM would be celebrating birthday #1 and doing so with something very different from the norm of this blog. Last week I bombarded you all with 2 posts everyday of Real inspiration, from Weddings to Engagement shoots and the reason is that, this week you would see no such thing. This week I am going for a more relaxed atmosphere where I would talk a bit about me, the blogging journey and all that comes in between. I hope you enjoy this time on the blog for this week 🙂
Now let’s pop some e-champagne and drink to this baby of mine!

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