Etsy Gift Card Giveaway | Treasure Thursday 14

Yes you read right…there’s an Etsy gift card giveaway and you have come to right spot for it! Here’s to putting a new spin to our Treasure Thursday posts by offering one KV amazing reader a $50 Etsy Gift card today, and you know KV loves her some Etsy shopping!

With a bunch of favorites from Etsy (see posts on KV’s Editor’s Etsy Picks), I have selected 10 Etsy goodies that are currently topping my list which might inspire your upcoming Etsy shopping with your newly won $50 gift card. These are the 10 items I’d gladly have in #MyEtsyWeddingPackage.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, so if purchases are made through them, KV gets compensated.

The Wedding Tees

Etsy Wedding TeesFun V Necks Bridal Wedding Tees. Etsy Store: No Bull Woman Apparel

The Bridal Headbands

Etsy bridal headband

Crystal Ribbon Headband. Etsy Store: Powder Blue Bijoux

etsy boho bridal headband

Boho Bridal Rhinestone Headband. Etsy Store: Powder Blue Bijoux

The Flower Crowns

Etsy Rose Flower Crowns

Statement Rose Flower Crown. Etsy Store: K Is For Kani

Etsy Woodland Flower Crown

Woodland Hydrangea Flower Crown. Etsy Store: Crown And Sea

The Statement Necklaces

Etsy Statement necklaces

Pearl and Rhinestone Statement Bridal Necklace. Etsy Store: Camilla Christine

Etsy Boho Beach Statement Necklace

Dream Tide Bohemian Beach Statement Bridal Necklace. Etsy Store: Hattitude Jewels

The Wedding Veils

Etsy Tull Head Pouf

Vintage Style Tulle Head Pouf. Etsy Store: Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal

Etsy Cathedral Veil

108 Inches Handmade Cathedral Length Veil. Etsy Store: Teri Huang

Rose Gold Awesomeness!

Etsy Rose Gold Bridal Accessories

Rose Gold Jenny Hair Comb and Rose Gold Jenny Belt. Etsy Store: Camilla Christine

How to Enter the Etsy Gift Card Giveaway

Leave a comment on this post telling us what Etsy product you currently have your eyes on (it doesn’t have to be a product on this list) and a line why you think you deserve to win this Gift Card…you need to be pretty convincing 🙂

The top (most convincing) comments would be selected and out of them, a winner would be randomly drawn.

Because the entry requirement is soooooooo easy, this giveaway is only up for two weeks (ends April 23rd 2015), so get your comments coming in!

Happy #TreasureThursday!

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17 Responses

  1. Adella Gonzalez

    I have a huuuuge amount of favorites on Etsy. I add to it daily. I haven’t been able to get anything, so I would love to finally treat myself to something pretty. Like a fabulous headband. I love the Crystal Ribbon Headband. I’m getting married this summer. Nothing big, just simple and pretty. This headband would be perfect.

      • Michele

        Couldn’t find your email address so I sent a message on fb! So excited to have won!

  2. darla

    I went crazy entering giveaways over my vacation. I may have entered 100 giveaways, but I’ve only won two (one of which was not that great). I guess I think I deserve a gift card after all that work. 😉

    After being dissappinted a lot, I can say I like how this contest is being judged (it is not completely random).

    I would love to get a unique wedding guestbook with the gift card.

  3. Rosie

    I have my eyes on a linen sun hat!! I’d feel so special. I make fabric flower accessories, hats, heart pillow, teddy bears, for other people as gifts often to homeless women and disadvantaged teens, and just anyone who needs cheer, but I never ever receive anything handmade, and I would love to treat myself to something handmade that I love. I can appreciate the skill and care that goes into the items from making them myself!!!

  4. LunaRaven

    If I won the gift card, I would use it towards a Mother’s Day gift. Most likely this lovely ceramic dragonfly I found(link at the bottom) for two reasons: firstly, a few months back we had a wall hanging that held great sentimental value to my mother fall off of the wall out of the blue. It was very startling and unfortunate, and something that was irreplaceable. Secondly, this wall hanging features dragonflies, which are my mother’s favorite symbol.

  5. Jasmine R

    I would want to get a personalized cake topper for our wedding cake But I would probably end up getting a special gift for my daughter. We just moved away from our home town and it’s been hard for her to adjusting I would probably get her a personalized charm bracelet with pictures of our family. 🙂

  6. Elizabeth W.

    I’m always a bit mean to myself. I hardly ever buy myself something nice. I talk myself out of it even if it’s something I’ve been wanting for a long time. If I won I’d buy myself this bracelet:

    I’ve wanted it for a while now and it’d be nice to finally treat myself.

  7. valerie sobus

    my husband’s birthday is coming up in may! (and our 2 year anniversary in june). the past couple years that we’ve been married, whenever he’s had a birthday or christmas or another holiday that passes where someone wants to buy him something…he’s always requested amazon gift cards. he’d never spend them though. he saved them all up for TWO YEARS (now that’s self-control) to buy me a super nice dslr camera. i’d love to buy him something that he would enjoy and surprise him! we live off his income and our bank account is shared so it’s hard to surprise him with a gift without him noticing. he would absolutely love this beard balm, as he has a killer beard and loves to keep it looking nice. please help me buy it for him? 🙂

  8. Deanna Byrd

    The Etsy item I currently have my eyes on are right now are the silver glitter belly bands! I am sooooo in love with etsy I literally order everything I can’t DIY off of etsy. I love to support other business owners. My fiancee will not let me purchase anything else regarding the invites because of our strict budget but I really need these belly bands to make the invites pop!

  9. Kenya

    With mother’s day coming up and my recent engagement (4/4/15), I’ve been eyeing up the “thank you for raising the man/woman of my dreams” necklace on Etsy. I think this would be perfect for our mothers to get them excited for the BIG day and also show them that we can not wait to officially be a part of each other’s family. They are so important to us and of course are one of the main reasons why we are able to know/love each other and become Mr. and Mrs.

  10. SupComTabz

    Rose Gold Jenny Hair Comb, my very good friends who met online have a wedding coming up next year and they spent quite a bit to move (they were on separate coasts) and they really deserve to have an amazing wedding. So if I win, the etsy would go them!

  11. Sarah Bunting

    I’m currently looking at a full blush tulle skirt. We’re working with a shoestring budget, as right in the middle of planning I lost my job. Instead of cancelling we decided to remove the little things that weren’t as important, which included a traditional wedding dress. A smaller, more laid back ceremony is what we’re currently planning because we decided that the tablecloths, centerpieces and photo booth weren’t going to be the parts of our ceremony that we remember.


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