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EWAMVendorLove is presenting today, Tamanna Roashan of DressYourFace in California. Coming from a family of musicians, writers, poets, painters and photographers, Tamanna Roashan was always surrounded in a world full of creativity and art of all mediums. It was only natural for her to explore and excel in anything related to art and creation. In the perfect setting of California’s glamorous facade, she dove right in to the beauty industry and obtained her professional cosmetology license by age 18, as well as several certificates from the Makeup Institute for Advanced Makeup Techniques, Bridal Makeup, and Photography/Fashion Makeup, all while pursuing a BA in Marketing.

Immediately upon obtaining her credentials and launching her business name, “DressYourFace” started becoming the talk of the town. Landing gigs with nationally published magazines, fashion shows, events, and international celebrities, Tamanna started to realize how widely her brand was spreading… not just because of her work and talent, but also because of her willingness to share all her exclusive beauty secrets with her followers. Thanks to social networking sites online, she is able to reach hundreds of thousands in her daily audience around the globe, and has quickly become the most recognized makeup artist in the Afghan and Indian communities world wide! DressYourFace is the latest craze in the ethnic makeup industry, and now with 11 years of professional experience in both hair and makeup artistry, she is starting a brand new branch in her career and planning her Hollywood debut in 2014.

Her View and Mission: 

“Creativity is a drug that I cannot live without.

As an artist, I am visually inclined in every thing I arrange or create.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works. I make things work.

Makeup artistry is not only color and placement, it is an illusion.

It is the talent of camouflaging flaws and revealing true and

natural beauty. Makeup is not putting on a mask- it is an enhancement

and should be treated that way. The purpose is not to hide you,

it is to radiate your individual exquisiteness…

something no one else can possess but yourself.” – Tamanna

Find DressYourFace on the web:
DressYourFace IG: @Dressyourface

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