Engagement Session: Candice & Kevin

Happy new year lovlies! 2013 is surely looking bright and with the wedding industry in mind, it seems to be loaded with even more excitement. Our very first post of this year is the Engagement session of Candice and Kevin. Everything about this feature makes me smile, but I am even more particular about Candice’s own smile (I think it’s safe to say her smile makes me smile). Hope you enjoy this feature and kudos to Tiffany N from Birch photographers who helped this feature come true.

The Proposal: Kevin and Candice got engaged July 4, 2012, on a little “island” in the middle of the lake at Kensington Metro Park in Milan, MI. Kevin took Candice on a row boat ride in the lake. He rowed the boat to this little island. They docked the boat, and began to walk the trail along the island. Kevin asked Candice to take a picture of the water through the trees with their camera. She thought it was a stupid idea, but she turned around and took the picture anyway. When Candice turned back around, Kevin was on one knee asking her to be his wife, as she continued to say “Shuuuuut up!” in her state of shock. After about 3 or 4 “Shuuuuuuttttt ups”, She said YES!!!

 Name of Couple: Candice James and Kevin Briggs
Future Wedding Date: July 7, 2013
Venue: Burgh Historical Park- Southfield, MI
Photography: Birch Photographers-Tiffany N.

Photographer Review

“Our photographer was Tiffany N. from Birch Photographers. I really loved her! She showed up to the location way before we did and scoped out potential scenes and backgrounds. She was so attentive to what we wanted also. Before moving to the next location at the park, she explained to us why she chose and then asked us if we liked it and if it was okay with us to shoot there. She was very engaging in terms of giving us different poses, and making jokes to get us to laugh. We’d covered the entire park before our session ended, but she was sure to ask if we wanted to end or continue until the end of the session’s time. When we said yes, she did not hesitate to look for more potential scenes to shoot us in. All in all, she was a great photographer.”-Candice


We wish Candice and Kevin; 
A happy and stress-less wedding planning,  
A beautiful Wedding and most of all, 
A love filled marriage!

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