Enchanted Forest Wedding Portraits | Toronto, ON

After Wedding Romance Portrait Session Allyssa’s heart was set on a forest for their romantic bridal portraits, but the logistics of their wedding day did not allow them the time to do that. Allyssa and Padhraic had their wedding ceremony and reception at a downtown Toronto Hotel and realized it was more important to them to stay with their family and friends rather than leave to a second location to take wedding portraits in a forest. 

Most brides would jump at the chance to wear their gown again, and when Allyssa realized she could have her cake and eat it to with an After Wedding Romance Shoot – an Enchanted Deep Forest wedding portraits session, she quickly booked a shoot with Lisa Vigliotta Photography. 

After Wedding Romance Shoots are popular in Europe and are slowly starting to gain traction in North America. Usually held within days to months after their actual wedding day, After Wedding Romance Shoots allow the newlyweds the slower paced time to do it all again. The wedding day is a whirl wind, and in stark contrast, the After Wedding Romance Shoot is a relaxed and slower paced two hours that gives the newlyweds time to be quiet with one another, kiss, hug, play and laugh together. That’s when the magic happens. So many wedding day regrets can be fixed with an After Wedding Romance Shoot. 

All types of weather are romantic, and like the day of the wedding, the weather during the After Wedding Shoot can be beautifully unpredictable. Allyssa and Padhraic’s After Wedding Shoot day was overcast and rainy but we didn’t reschedule, just like you don’t reschedule a wedding. We embraced the day whatever weather came our way and we were rewarded with a gorgeous softbox sky where everything glowed. It rained gently the whole time we were in the forest and little droplets gloriously came through the trees. So very romantic. When it cleared we moved from the forest to a meadow that was equally majestic. 

Another reason After Wedding Shoots do not tend to be rescheduled is often there are other wedding vendors involved, namely a Hair and Make Up Artist and the Florist. As Allyssa is a Hair and Make Up Artist (Allyssa Helm Beauty & Co.) she did her own hair and makeup. For her gorgeous forest themed bouquet a unique approach to her bridal bouquet was solved by The Toronto Flower School who works closely with Lisa Vigliotta Photography. Allyssa’s beautiful bouquet was given to her at no cost due to The Toronto Flower School doing a one on one floral instruction workshop with floral student Hands On Florals to gain experience and portfolio photos for their new floral business. 

This is what Allyssa had to say about the experience:  “Getting to shoot with Lisa was a dream! Padhraic (Paddy) and I were so grateful to have this time together to reconnect as our jobs have kept us very busy since we were married. Lisa made us feel so comfortable and being in the forest was magical. Doing the After Wedding Shoot was great as I did not have to worry about my dress getting dirty or for being out in the rain. Both of these elements added so much to our images with Lisa and we are so happy with the outcome! Thank you Lisa for these special memories and stunning photos.”

Enchanted Forest Wedding Portraits | Toronto, ON

Photography: Lisa Vigliotta Photography | Floral: The Toronto Flower School | Hair: Allyssa Helm Beauty & Co. | Makeup: Allyssa Helm Beauty & Co. | Floral: Hands On Florals | Wedding Dress: Mikaella Bridal | Groom’s Attire: Suit Supply | Bridesmaid Dresses: Blair Nadeau Bridal Adornments | Veil: Blair Nadeau Bridal Adornments | Wedding Cake: Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay | Submitted via: Matchology

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