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It’s absolutely no shock that other rings exists that are not made of only diamonds. Here on this blog, we are in love with gemstones and go as far as designing wedding inspiration boards with them. Gemstones jewelry remind us of how unique brides can be especially when it comes to the rings. With that said, we are showcasing 10 gorgeous Emerald and Ruby Engagement Rings by Leibish&Co.

For these rings, we are thinking lush forest green gems and rare rings with deep red wine colors. Created by Leibish&Co., these rings are breathtaking and very unique; two qualities the modern-day bride would very well appreciate.

How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

Choosing the right engagement ring can be a little tricky especially when the giver of the ring is not the recipient. When a groom is looking to get the right ring for his bride-to-be, a lot of factors come into play such as her style (color, setting), her size and the budget.

For a bride who happens to be into everything unique and non-traditional, the stone on the engagement ring is one way to go; think pearls or gemstones as opposed to only diamonds. For the bride who is a gemstone lover (you should know this because most of her jewelry would probably have these), one can’t go wrong with the selections from Leibish&Co. which come in a variety of stones, sets, colors and price.

As the trend of gemstones for engagement rings gets around, we’ve spotted a few of our favorite celebrities rock their gemstone engagement rings such as Halle Berry in her Emerald ring, Eva Longoria in her Ruby ring. Do not be afraid to be different even with details such as your engagement ring!

emerald and ruby engagement rings for the gemstone loving bride

1. Oval Green Emerald & Diamond Engagement Ring | 2. Platinum Oval Ruby and Diamond Basket Halo Ring | 3. Pinkish Red Marquise Ruby and Triangle Diamond Ring | 4. Ruby and Diamond Milgrain Halo Ring | 5. Vivid Green Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring | 6. Ruby Radiant Cut and Trapezoid Diamond Ring | 7. Round Emerald and Diamond Milgrain Halo Ring | 8. Round Emerald and Diamond Double Halo Ring | 9. Vivid Green Emerald and Fancy Intense Yellow Double Halo Ring | 10. Pear Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

About Leibish&Co.

Leibish&Co. is an internationally recognized specialist and online dealer of natural fancy colored diamonds and colored diamond jewelry. The close-knit family business of father, daughter, and four sons began in 1979 and today is a leading supplier to renowned jewelers, designers, and manufacturers throughout the world.

Leibish&Co. is among the largest online selections of color diamonds with both fancy and ideal cuts in various hues, clarities and sizes set for any budget, with a focus on Argyle Pink and Canary Yellow diamonds.

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