Elegant Purple Naperville Wedding by True Grace Photography

Yay, we have some purple gorgeousness in the house! Today’s elegant purple naperville wedding by True Grace Photography is truly about to set your Tuesday in a great mood! While the couple did not set for a specific theme, elegance breezed through it all with the details and the photography.

The couple had a traditional ceremony, so Lindsay ended up with a ball gown and a cathedral-length veil which she changed it up with the dual colors of bridesmaid dresses and the different necklines. For Lindsay, what was most important to her was making sure that whatever style they had would hold up over time – a timeless wedding!


How they met

“We met on Match.com! Yes, it really does work! We were both at our wit’s end with regards to online dating, only because we had been doing it for months and it felt a bit draining. Matt had forgotten to cancel his membership, so it renewed automatically; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been on to meet me!

In turn, mine was about to expire, and Matt was the last guy I spoke with on Match. We met in my hometown and took a walk on the Riverwalk, which led to an unplanned dinner at Heaven on Seven.”- Lindsay

The Proposal

“Matt proposed to me the day before our 1-year anniversary. I was avidly working to try not to get my hopes up prior to our anniversary, just in case a proposal didn’t happen! So I was very surprised and blown away when he proposed.What was great is that he proposed to me at home in my apartment, making it very personal and about the two of us.

We were watching television and he kept trying to show me photos on his phone of random things, like his office or the cat. As I was swiping through his pictures, an image of the engagement ring came up. Matt sometimes is forgetful, so I thought he forgot he had the picture on his phone, and I thought to myself, well this is awkward. So I just handed the phone back to him quietly, and that’s when he surprised me with the proposal!” – Lindsay

Matt and Lindsay’s wedding ceremony took place at St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church was followed by a visit to their bench on the riverwalk (the very bench where they first met) and then a dinner reception at European Crystal banquet hall in Arlington Heights. Lindsay created an ombre lilac, lavender and purple color scheme that played through all of the details of the day, from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the reception hall.

Elegant-Purple-Wedding-getting-ready Elegant-Purple-Wedding-bride-flower Elegant-Purple-Wedding-bouquets

Wedding Planning Advice

“Communicate and be realistic about your options. Early on, we saw a venue that I just LOVED. It was unique and gorgeous. However, the price was entirely out of our budget, especially because we were paying for the wedding by ourselves. I’ll admit, I cried about it, but I knew–and Matt reassured me–that we would find a venue that would work for us and give us everything that we wanted without breaking the budget or cutting out important guests. In the end, I loved where we had our reception, we got a great deal, and the service was impeccable.

Also, take a look at your budget and decide the level of importance for different things. For example, I knew that I wanted quality photography, and I was willing to sacrifice in other areas to make sure we could afford it. A more expensive photographer meant, for instance, less expensive invitations. Of course I would’ve loved our invitations to be on expensive linen paper with a calligrapher’s touch!! Who wouldn’t love that?! But our invitations looked great and elegant. We still got everything we wanted in the end.” – Lindsay

Other special details – Elegant Purple Naperville Wedding

The personal touches I loved was my something old, which was also my something borrowed, and my something blue. My cousin lent me a gold and diamond hairpin that was our grandmother’s, which was just a lovely sentiment. My something blue was a personalized tag that I ordered from Etsy and was sewn into the lining of my dress. It was such a fun and new way to incorporate the tradition that will stay with my dress forever.

We also loved our favors and our cake topper. Etsy was one of my best friends during the wedding planning. We got so many creative and unique elements while contributing to the artisan community. The cake topper from Etsy was a fun but still elegant item that reflected our attitude toward our wedding. We did Chicago mix popcorn for our favors, which doubled as our escort cards. We loved giving a popular treat reflective of where we’re from, as well as something that we knew would go over well with our guests.

The other things that were very meaningful to us was our ceremony location and our rehearsal dinner. We had a traditional Catholic mass at my childhood church. It’s a beautiful old Gothic church from the 1800s that is grand and opulent, which is something not as common in the suburbs as it is in the city of Chicago. This church is also where my mother was buried when I was 16, so it was very important to me to include another major life event there. Our rehearsal dinner was at Heaven on Seven, where we had our first date. It’s a tiny Cajun-inspired restaurant, fun and colorful and with very different cuisine from our reception dinner. We also loved that we were coming back to the first memory we created together.

Our favorite moments of our wedding shoot were the pictures taken in downtown Naperville, after our ceremony. It was a perfect day with perfect weather, and I loved the colors we chose for our bridal attire. We love the pictures taken on the bench, as well as the picture taken of the two of us on the bridge. That bridge is now “infamous” in terms of wedding pictures; it’s like a requirement if you’re doing wedding photos in Naperville, literally everyone does it. There was actually another wedding party waiting for us to get off of it to take their turn! It was kind of surreal, like “it’s finally our time!” when we took our picture on the bridge.

Our venue offered firework sparklers to be set up in the ballroom for our entrance, which is one thing that sold us on that venue. We had never seen that before, and it was just so fun. We didn’t tell anyone except our photographer and our DJ, so it was nice to have a surprise element that was unique and exciting.

One last favorite moment of our wedding day was toward the end of the evening. It was 11:30pm, we had 30 minutes until the reception ended, and we were just beat. We stole away with some of our late-night snacks to the bridal suite, and we just sat in the dark on the couch staring out the window, eating our food, and chatting about our wedding day. It was the first time all day we had a quiet moment to ourselves, and it felt so good to be with each other and reflect.” – Lindsay

Elegant-Purple-Wedding-ceremony-photo Elegant-Purple-Wedding-ceremony Elegant-Purple-Wedding-party-photo Elegant-Purple-Wedding-party Elegant-Purple-Wedding-sign Elegant-Purple-Wedding-reception Elegant-Purple-Wedding-decor-cake Elegant-Purple-Wedding-first-dance


Photographer: True Grace Photography//Dress Designer: BHLDN//Dress Store:Brides by Demetrios//Hair Stylist:Jaime Genarella//Makeup Artist:LG Makeup Design//Other Location:Naperville Riverwalk//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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