Elegant Outdoor Dubai Wedding by Wani Olatunde Photography


With Knotsvilla really embracing the “international” tag as a wedding blog, a feature like this gets me pumped! Sometimes weddings outside our North America bubble is always a breath of fresh air and today’s Dubai wedding is perfect. Not only are these 2 adorable but I saw an outdoor wedding reception and knew I had to have this one here. Many times we see the outdoor wedding ceremony with the reception indoors, but this couple did it the other way round and did it perfectly. Mixing pastel colors such as peach/coral with red and gold is one of the numerous things that makes this wedding beautiful.

Jessica & Akin’s elegant outdoor Dubai Wedding was held at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and has been beautifully captured and submitted by Wani Olatunde Photography. How about we enjoy these photos and read what the groom had to say about the proposal below?

Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-bride-makeup Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-bride-in-white Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-bride-getting-ready Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-bride Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-dress Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-bride-accessories Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-bride-red-background Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-ceremony-entrance Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-groom

The Proposal – By the Groom

The proposal was 2 years in the making. I knew before our first date that she was the kind of woman I could spend the rest of my life with. We had been messaging on BBM for 3 months before our first date and I was already head over heels with her personality. Hence why when I set my eyes on her for the first time, I knew.

Step 1: Get her ring size

Six months into our courtship I took her to a jewelry store to have her ring finger measured fully aware that the suspense would drive her crazy.  Months passed and no proposal, so she eventually forgot about the event. This was now my chance to get to planning.

Step 2: Get the perfect ring for her.

She is a simple classy lady and I knew that the ring I was going to get for her had to be classy, understated and simple.  It took about another year to find the perfect ring. I searched high and low and finally the ring found me. On the day I was going to price a ring at a popular jeweler, I happened to look into a shop window of a store right before the jewelers and there it was. Almost like the ring was made just for her.

Step 3: Pick the perfect day to propose

This step was by far the trickiest as I had to make sure it would be a day she would never forget all while keeping her in the dark of my grand plans. I knew her greatest passion was for travel and experiencing the world, so I talked her into booking a holiday to Vegas to celebrate her birthday.

I bought her a nice birthday present, took her to see 3 amazing shows and a lovely gondola ride at the Venetian, all to distract her from the real reason I was being extra cute on the trip. It was all about her birthday so why would she suspect. At this point everybody else in her life knew what I was about to do which made it even more exciting.

On her birthday I booked us a table at Lakeside restaurant after watching La Reve at the Wynn. There was a waterfall right next to us illuminated in pretty colors. After dinner, I had the waiters bring her a cupcake and sing her happy birthday.

Like I said she is a simple lady, so I didn’t get down on one knee, didn’t make it a big ordeal. I just asked her if she wanted to marry me and presented her the box.

You all know how the rest goes.

Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-church Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-ceremony-exit Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-creek Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-party-yatch Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-bride-groom Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-yatch Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-couple-yatch Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-red-groomsmen Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-red-bridesmaidsElegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-reception Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-reception-seating-couple Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-reception-tall-centerpiece Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-reception-centerpiece Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-recetion-decor-peach-gold Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-reception-couple Elegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-cakeElegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-first-danceElegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-danceElegant-outdoor-dubai-wedding-jessica-akin

Advice for future couples planning for the same event

  • Leave plenty of time for planning and preparation.
  • Don’t get lost in chaos, remember what the day is about and you’ll be fine.
  • Get the support of people around you throughout the process.

Wedding Vendors: Photographer – Wani Olatunde Photography | Wedding Dress – Golden Sash Bridal (Sottero and Midgley) | Chief Bridesmaid’s Dresses – The Image | Groom’s Suit – Alexandre Savile Row | Groomsmen Suits – Own | Bride’s Makeup – Lina’s Makeup | Bride’s Hair – Styling by Susan | Wedding Coordinator – Romana Fernandes, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club | Wedding Decor – Olivier Dolz | Wedding Florist – Maria Ceena | Wedding Cake – Occasions Wedding | DJ – DJ Bayo | Wedding Videographer – Mademoiselle Wedding Photography

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