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When: September 16, 2016 | Where: Windsor, Ontario | Theme: Elegant, Cultural, Traditional | Colors: Purple, White

Once in a while, I get to feature weddings I’ve attended myself and today’s elegant Nigerian Windsor wedding is one of them! Uju and Bayo tied the knot in Windsor, where I commonly refer to as “home” here in Canada, as that’s where we all went to college. So obviously this wedding is one that’s extremely dear to my heart!

Their Nigerian wedding was in every way gorgeous and that may well be because of the color purple – yup, still my favorite color after all these years! From the Uju’s whole princess look, to the well lit reception look, we are all too excited to take our readers into this Nigerian wedding and show y’all how we Nigerians do it!

About the Elegant Nigerian Windsor Wedding

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About the Couple – From the Bride

“I met Bayo in 2011, I saw him in church regularly but we never talked… One faithful day, he asked me to go out with him to see a movie… He had graduated then and had started working in Michigan as an Engineer and I still lived in Windsor. We went out a few times but he never told me that he wanted to date me and I had no idea what he really wanted. (Now I know!).

I liked him, but I wasn’t ready for any relationship with no clear vision; so we ended our movie dates and moved on with our lives, even though my Pastor told me then that God wanted a Godly courtship from us. I laughed at the thought of any kind of courtship with Bayo knowing how our “friendship” was going… But God’s word is always settled!

Fast forward to 2016, after some learning and growing in Him, God’s master plan resurfaced… Bayo somehow came back into my life. He started coming to my church in Windsor, from Michigan! and we resumed talking as friends again. Then, the Man finally got the courage to ask me out properly. After fasting, praying, wishing and waiting; God finally spoke, and the rest is our story…

I’d never know what, but I believe that I must have done something really good to please God that He would send Bayo to me; it is His great grace! Bayo is my special gift from God, he is everything I prayed for and more; he is beautiful and plain inside and out, no pretenses. He is my Knight in shining armour (that’s the Disney Princess in me). Before Bayo, I was broken, lonely and alone with God; but with him and with God backing us up, I feel so complete and excited to see the greater things that God has in store for us.” – Uju

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About the Couple – From the Groom

“It was on a visit to Restoration House, then in Tecumseh Windsor that I first met this beautiful charming lady in 2011 right after my graduation; I found out her name is Uju. We went to the movies a couple of times as friends (as I discovered that seeing movies is what she does, when she’s not in church Working, Praising, Worshipping or Bible- studying.) But I never expressed how I felt about her. My focus on my new job in the States did not help our narcent friendship, so we lost contact for a period of divine preparing.

I came back to Restoration House, now in the heart of Windsor and I couldn’t resist her spirit-filled ministration of “No Longer Slaves To Fear’! And then came my next encounter with this amazing lady at a Valentine’s day program at the church, she was the MC for that day. Then I could no longer resist the Beauty, the Brain and the Spirit in her. I approached her that day to say hi, hoping to rekindle our ‘friendship’.

Fortunately for me, I had a discussion with our Pastor at a subsequent visit and her name came up ..and the Lord took over! She agreed to a to lunch date, catching up on old stories and old times; I met even a more beautiful soul in her than ever before. Since then, my love for her just grow stronger and stronger, a lot because she is very honest and down to earth which reminds me of what I had been missing for so long! Ever since then our relationship has blossomed and then she said ‘YES’.” – Bayo

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Wedding Planning Advice

Decide, determine, be desperate to be married INDEED.

Eccl 4:9-12…9 Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. 10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. 11 Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? 12 And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and A THREE STRING CORD IS NOT EASILY BROKEN…..

While both of you thrive continually to hold each other and support, give warmth, lift up, remember to always add the third string (GOD) which is the only string able to bind you inseparably together, never leave GOD out of your marriage, even for a second” – Uju


Photography: Misha Z Photography | Event Venue: Serbian Centre | Ceremony Location: Restoration House, RCCG | Decor and Floral: Allure Events | Wedding Dress: Bridal Couture – Windsor | Wedding Dress Designer: Nicole Spose | Wedding Planning: The Bride | Makeup: Dolly Poppinss Makeup

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