Downtown Seattle Engagement by Rebecca Anne Photography

When: September 03, 2015 | Where: Seattle, Washington | Theme: City Engagement, Summer, Casual, Outdoors

Downtown Seattle Engagement Session

Just as the Summer was wrapping up, Lindsey and Jordan had their Downtown Engagement Session with Rebecca Anne Photography. The couple chose¬†Seattle because they many memories (dates) they’ve shared in the city. Specifically for their engagement session location,¬†Jordan wanted a more modern look while Lindsey hoped for a more cute and cozy aesthetic; Seattle gave them to chance to have both.

The couple added Scrabble tiles as props for their session which had a story behind it; one way Lindsey got him to start talking to her back in high school was through a “Words with Friends” challenge that had “Forever and Always” spelled out. They wrapped up the shoot with a trip to one of their favorite restaurants, a seafood bar called Ivars right on the water.

Downtown-Seattle-engagement-01 Downtown-Seattle-engagement-07 Downtown-Seattle-engagement-06 Downtown-Seattle-engagement-05 Downtown-Seattle-engagement-04 Downtown-Seattle-engagement-03 Downtown-Seattle-engagement-02 Downtown-Seattle-engagement-08 Downtown-Seattle-engagement-09 Downtown-Seattle-engagement-10 Downtown Seattle Engagement Session-Scrabble Downtown-Seattle-engagement-shoot-kv Downtown-Seattle-engagement-001 Downtown-Seattle-engagement-knotsvilla Downtown-Seattle-engagement-kv Downtown-Seattle-engagement-scrabble Downtown-Seattle-engagement-session Downtown-Seattle-engagement-session-knotsvilla Downtown-Seattle-engagement-shoot Downtown-Seattle-engagement-shoot-knotsvilla

About the Proposal

“We met in our junior year of high school in a leadership program and ended up following each other to college.

At the end of our second year of college, Jordan took me out for a mini golf date (which is what we did for our first date) and then we went home and made a picnic. Jordan drove us to a pretty beach and after we ate our picnic he handed me a notebook – we had used this notebook to write love notes to each other but he ended up keeping it for a few months at one point and I just forgot about it! He had written down everything he wanted to say and when I finished I looked up to find him on one knee and he asked me to marry him. Our parents were hiding in the bushes down the beach away, taking pictures and waiting to run out and ambush us! It was perfect.” – Lindsey

Wedding Planning Advice

“My advice would be to reflect on your current preconceived notions about what a wedding “should” be like and really think about if that’s what YOU want! What “should” be is not always the best option for you as a couple.” – Lindsey


Photographer: Rebecca Anne Photography//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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