Dmitri Markine Photography presents E.W.A.M’s first Indian Wedding Feature

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It’s one of those posts that I keeps my smile wide…very wide.

If you are like me who grew up watching Bollywood movies then maybe you can have an idea how much the Indian culture fascinates me. Actually seeing a real Indian wedding just steps it up a notch for me.

According to Dmitri, this wedding was a 4-day event….Yeah, when I heard that all that played in my head was “Yup! these people sure know how to throw a good one!” Thanks to Facebook for allowing me to discover Dmitri, I’m even more excited he is a Toronto based photographer, maybe some day I can…. Sorry I digress!

Enjoy this feature of Dmitri’s awesomeness which he covered few months ago in Atlanta, GA.

Now I am a true believer of the Indian Wedding Hype….go figure!

See the rest on Dmitri’s Blog here.
Thanks to Dmitri for allowing such Beauty on E.W.A.M, being our first Indian wedding.
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  1. Jocelyn

    Splash of colors everywhere. Love it and congrats on your first Indian wedding on EWAM! More to come….


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