DIY Photobooth Tutorial By Using Sparkbooth Software

Reenski’s DIY Photobooth Outcome
This is E.W.A.M’s first Tutorial feature 🙂 So in case you did not know we love to share tutorials, now you know. Here is a list of the various other things E.W.A.M loves to share; we are all about everything weddings 🙂 Before I started planning my wedding, I never considered having a photo booth at my wedding. Honestly it was just something I had never heard of (#CoversFaceInShame). But like other things, when you begin the planning process they just seem to jump in your face from nowhere. However when I drew the list of items to purchase according to priority, having a photo booth clearly did not make the cut…so out the window it was! Obviously a DIY photo booth never crossed my mind, and now I wonder where Reenski was when I might have needed this. For upcoming brides, it may not be too late for you. See if this DIY changes your mind and of course I’d love to hear your feedback on it!

Reenski shares: 
After seeing so much hype about photo booths, I thought it would be a good idea for my wedding, and set out to find a reasonably priced one. However, even with Groupon deals, I couldn’t justify paying $350 or more for a photo booth given my overall budget. I thought I would have to give it up until I came across a tutorial on Offbeat Bride that used Sparkbooth software.

Total Cost: $150


The program ran from my laptop, so I set my laptop to “Never Sleep” so that the program would always show and run on the flat screen monitor. The monitor was simply plugged into my laptop and then showed the same screen. The webcam, printer and keyboard were all USB plugs, so again, just plugged those in. That’s pretty much it for the hardware set up.

The morning of the wedding, we used a spare room with tables at our venue. We set up two chairs in front of a door, which is where the curtain backdrop was hung. The monitor and camera faced the chairs and the backdrop on a round table that was easy to get around. The printer was set up behind the monitor on the other side of the table.
Props were placed in baskets on an adjacent table, though guests also used other items in the room to pose with (notably a small Santa doll.) I didn’t make any special signs or anything, folks just found the room on their own.
Sparkbooth offers a 10 day trial that you can download to start playing with settings and seeing how things print out. The pictures will print with a watermark on them, so unfortunately using just the trial won’t work. They offer various layouts for different sizes of photo paper — I went with a 4 block square for 4 x 6 photo paper with space on the bottom for a logo.

The software also allows for multiple pictures to print and for them to be emailed or shared online (if you have WiFi available to you). I wanted to keep things as easy as possible, so I set it to automatically print one picture only. Luckily, the program automatically saves all pictures — both each shot and the whole “strip” — to your computer, so you can share and print more later.

The “home” screen of the software displays simple directions and has a countdown for each picture (which you can also customize), so guests were able to sit down with their props, hit the space bar and smile!

I created my logo using the same template from Wedding Chicks that I had used for my invitations. I did this around midnight the morning of my wedding, so I wasn’t going for anything amazing. Using Microsoft Paint, I was able to copy/paste our names and the date into a small image that fit perfectly at the bottom of the pictures.

You can also create logos in many other programs, from Photoshop to online logo generators. This was just what worked best for me.

  • Software – $59
  • Printer – $10
  • Ink – $37
  • Photo Paper – $12
  • Webcam – $11
  • Curtain (Backdrop) – $11
  • Props – $10 (basket, big sunglasses, leis, beads)
Testimonials from Reenski’s Wedding Guests:

Denise: Loved it! I liked that it had your personalized logo, the props were awesome and it was def original. Do wish it printed quicker and had for each of us to keep.

Deanna: I thought it was great keepsake and a fantastic way to keep us entertained during the cocktail hour. It was easy to use and I liked that it took multiple shots just like a “real” photo booth. Clearly, I think wedding photo booths are a must – they’re so fun!

Daisy: I think it was a very good idea. It was fun to have all the different items to use to make the pictures fun. It was worth it.

Did you have successful DIY projects for your Wedding? E.W.A.M love to hear all about it!

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