DIY Brooch Bouquet Tutorial by YouTube sensation; Jessica Flores

This is EWAM’s second DIY Tutorial and I couldn’t be any happier! First we had the DIY Photobooth and now bringing you DIY Brooch bouquet by Jessica Flores, a YouTube sensation! Jessica (26) is from New York city and has clearly caught my attention with her detailed video tutorials for the DIY brides and others.

The story behind the DIY Brooch Bouquet by Jessica:

Like many brides, I fell in love with brooch bouquets the moment I saw one in a bridal magazine. It perfectly fit my vintage/retro wedding theme. If you want a touch of glam and something that will really make your guests go “Wow!”, then brooch bouquets are just what you need. Brooch Bouquets are also a good way to incorporate important heirlooms and vintage pieces that may have been handed down to you. They can make your family and friends feel involved in your planning as they help you find brooches for your big day. They can easily become your something old, blue or something borrowed for the traditional brides. They will last for years and years, unlike bouquets made with natural flowers. But, best of all, they are truly stunning and unique.

I was beyond disappointed when I discovered that companies charge upwards of $600 for a bouquet. I just didn’t have that amount of money to spend on a bouquet, not with all of the other expenses that come with planning a wedding. I knew that, with some research and by giving myself enough time, I could make my own brooch bouquet at a fraction of the price. AND it would be entirely mine – designed by me, made by me at 100% of my specifications. You can’t buy that ladies!

Well, I was right! I used about 25 brooches purchased from an online brooch wholesaler. The rest of the materials I needed were purchased at my local Michael’s Arts & Crafts store. The bouquet cost me around $200 total!

Here is Jessica’s YouTube viral video on how to make your own Brooch Bouquet. Part 1 is about the brooches themselves and how to assemble your bouquet while Part 2 shows you how to wrap the bouquet.
See Jessica’s Brooch Bouquet page to see photos of completed bouquets that have been made using this #1 Online Brooch bouquet Tutorial.

About Jessica Flores:

Being a writer among many other things, Jessica ventured into blogging about her disorienting and funny misadventures as a new mom and wife; Domesticated Me was born. This lifestyle blog was introduced almost as an online journal where Jessica documented about becoming a wife and a mother. Of course she blogged as she planned her wedding and other areas such as the birth and growth of her baby girl, Jessica learning how to cook and presently as she dips her “proverbial toes into the wedding industry, the beauty market and fashion waters.” Jessica is also a filmmaker, comedy/events producer and when she is not planning incredible comedy shows and live events, she works in politics. Her free time is spent writing magical realism stories and television scripts.

Jessica adds:

I produced a weekly comedy show in New York City’s Lower East Side called Tell Your Friends! and a monthly music/comedy show with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’s Wyatt Cenac called Some Folks for years. I worked in television, booking, event planning, public relations and politics. My film about Argentina’s Mothers of May Square, Through a Mother’s Eyes, screened at the 2009 Left Forum. The Documentary/Concert Film based on the weekly comedy show I co-produced with Liam McEneaney premiered at SXSW in 2011. It features Reggie Watts, Kristen Schaal, Jim Gaffigan, Janeane Garofalo, Colin Quinn, and many more. Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film can be purchased here.

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  1. Amber Marcum

    Jessica- thanks for sharing this tutorial! How many brooches did you end up using for your bouqet?


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