Destination Wedding Planning: 5 Things to Know

Post #2 of the day and I have a solid explanation for that – it’s a #WeddingChatter recap post! Yesterday at our new time (Sunday 6pm EST), we had our regular session on Twitter where we got to discuss about Destination Weddings. With professionals from all over North America (and the UK!), we got to know a bit more about Destination Wedding Planning; things for couples to know before they say yes to the idea of marrying in locations away from home.

Destination weddings can be so much fun, it’s pretty much having a wedding and an awesome vacation at the same time – if planned well. Like with every idea, there are pros and cons, so each couple would need to sit together and figure out what works best for them and their wedding vision. For those who have decided that a Destination Wedding is perfect for them, here are 5 things to know and consider when planning one.

Of course planning a destination wedding goes way beyond these 5, but here are what we could cover during the 1 hour chat.

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1. Legal Guidelines

There are so many laws and regulations about marriages in various countries; different countries, different laws. Before a couple decides to say yes to a destination wedding, they should have an idea (research and ask questions) of all the legalities about weddings in the prospective countries being considered. Just like Brad and Angelina, due to the laws in France, the couple had to marry in the US before having their French wedding, laws like that should be researched before finalizing destination wedding choices.

2. Finding Vendors

This can be tough especially when the couple has no family or friends in the chosen country for the wedding. In such cases, look for “All-in-one” wedding packages and make use of the venue’s “trusted vendors”, as many venues have that. Reading reviews and spending time looking at the quality of work of these trusted vendors would help a couple make better decisions in finding the wedding vendors right for them.

Because using vendors that a couple never gets to see in person before the wedding might be too much of a “leap of faith”, some couples consider flying in their own trusted vendors – especially photographers. In such a case, a couple should make sure the legalities of having such a vendor (working abroad laws, visas, passports) is taken care of early enough.

3. Timing

With Destination weddings, timing is of the essence. Unlike an in-country wedding where sending out invitations 6 months to the wedding might be fine, with destination weddings more time is needed. Guests would need time to gather and plan for the trip; visas, passports, affordable tickets (booking ahead), and other areas of planning.

Also in regards to timing, depending on when the wedding is, venues fill up fast with other couples planning their own weddings and regular people just taking vacations. So getting things started earlier than usual could benefit a couple hoping for a stress free destination wedding.

4. Saving Money

If saving money is key to a couple, looking at countries where things are relatively cheaper (lower cost of labor) would be something to consider when planning a destination wedding. Keep in mind that due to exchange of currencies, a couple could get more “bang for their buck” in certain countries but such decisions should be made after proper research has been done.

5. Know the Weather and take Advantage of it

Couples should know the weather patterns of their prospective wedding locations. Whether it is Hurricane season, rainy season, all sunny summer, there should be no assumption done here but actual fact checking to make sure your wedding is not disrupted by harsh weather conditions.

Planning a June destination wedding in Jamaica might not be as fun as planning a February wedding in Jamaica. Considering your country of residence and taking advantage of a beautiful weather in another country is one of the things that make destination weddings more enjoyable. Here in North America, in February it is freezing cold and many people would be glad at the opportunity to escape the cold for a wedding as compared to a wedding in June.

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In attendance – #WeddingChatter 01/25/2015

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  2. Heidi – Evolve Your Wedding Business
  3. Tayo – U&I Event Design
  4. Wedding Mix
  5. Tania – Tania Knows Best
  6. Asleigh – Paper by Charmcat
  7. Pure Elegance Toronto
  8. Loren – Joy Kawai Consulting

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