Destination Military Engagement by Lyndah Wells Photography

When: September 09, 2016 | Where: The Bahamas | Theme: Military, Outdoor

After being deployed for 9 months, Israel and Luisa decided to celebrate their time together with a Destination Military Engagement Session photographed whilst they were on vacation in The Bahamas. The session took place at the Memories Grand Bahama Resort & Spa.

Destination Military Engagement Session

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The Proposal

“I proposed to her at my birthday party that she had for me. It was my first time seeing her in 10 months because I was on a deployment. So I asked her to throw me a birthday party so we could have both of our families there. I asked her parents for their blessing and they gave me it. All of our friends and family knew it was happening the day of my birthday party except her.

I brought everyone together and called up my parents to give them a special gift from my deployment. After giving them their gift, I called up Luisa. I told her how much I loved her and how much she meant to me before getting down on one knee. Her face was priceless. It’s like her whole world lit up.”

Finding a Destination Photographer

“Finding a photographer was a bit easy for us. Lyndah Wells Photography had amazing photos posted online that immediately caught our eye. We knew she was very talented and she was the one we wanted to take these photographs that we would remember our whole life.” – Israel


Photographer: Lyndah Wells Photography//Venue: Memories Grand Bahama Resort & Spa//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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