Decorate Your Home with Wedding or Engagement Photos Using WeMontage

Full disclosure: WeMontage gave me the opportunity to design my own custom wallpaper for free. All thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own and no other compensation was received. 

Today is an awesome day; I eventually get to share something really awesome that I have actually used – Removable wallpaper with my photos! A few weeks ago I came in contact with James Oliver Jr, the owner of WeMontage through Michelle who blogs at A Dish of Daily Life (Hey Sitstah!). Being a picture girl, I soon fell in love with the WeMontage product and began thinking of different ways to make use of them. I played around with the software on the site and was even more amazed how it all worked out; smooth and very user friendly.

Finally I figured the best way to make use of them; with my anniversary photos! My house has enough wedding photos that I wanted something different and the anniversary photo shoot we did a few months back was the perfect fit. What really caught my attention about this product is how well they can be used for gifts. Honestly, this is one gift if I were to have another event would not be missing from my gift registry.

How else can you use the WeMontage? Engagement, wedding, anniversary and other family photo shoots you happen to love. I should warn you though, it is very easy to get caught up, I was fixing my collage on the WeMontage site for quite a while because it was just too much fun working on it. James was immensely kind enough to send me the 6ft x 4ft wallpaper for free and it’s absolutely even more beautiful in real life. My Chicago roommate and I kept of raving about the quality of the wall paper. Yay us!
Finally I got to fix it up in our home in Toronto, well more like the husband and landlord did (it’s too large for one person to fix properly) while I cheered and took photos, like an awesome wife would 🙂 Now I’m itching to go back and just enjoy my beautiful new home addition.

More current goodies about WeMontage?

  • Variety in sizes: 3ft x 2ft for $69.99, in addition to the large, custom sizes that starts at 6ft x 4ft (sizes are $10 per square foot)
  • Money Back Guarantee, send it back in 7 days for a full refund.
  • Easily Removable and won’t damage your walls.
  • Free standard ground shipping in the contiguous 48 U.S. states.
  • E-Gift certificates available for easy but customizable gifting.
James is offering a 20% discount to you readers within 10 days, so I would ask you to visit, play around and create something beautiful. Use the code “EWAM” to get the discount.
As usual I’d ask you let me know if you get it, I’d love to see your beautiful creations too!
Full disclosure: WeMontage gave me the opportunity to design my own custom wallpaper for free. All thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own and no other compensation was received
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