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You’ve now secured your dream venue – and fortunately, you’ve found an off-the-beaten path blank canvas space up to the limits of your imagination, but now what? You certainly need to think of ways to use that wedding venue space wisely!

For brides and grooms that have the luxury of space – whether it is outdoors, an old barn, or an industrial space like The Symes – there are elements that you can add to take full advantage of that generous spacing!

The Symes offers over 9,700 square footage, spread between two floors: featuring up to 22’ ceilings, elongated windows that add depth to the room, and exposed brick that is adaptable to any theme. We’re used to helping our clients navigate the infinite possibilities of these grandiose rooms! Here are some tip below.

Creative Ways to Use Your Wedding Venue Space Wisely

1. Be Creative with the Floor Plan: Thinking outside the box with the floor plan is an easy way to wow your guests and do something different. For example, you can try putting the ceremony in the middle of the room with chairs all around which is quite unconventional but yet can be gorgeous.

2. Section your Room: A bare space can look full and fun if you create different sections in the same space. With your venue space, try dividing it in a way that keeps your guests flowing between the different sections on the room. A great example would be a different sections for the ceremony, cocktails, dinner and a stunning dessert table (which can be a focal point).

3. Different Table Styles: Sometimes it can be a bit boring with the regular round tables you always see at events. Personally I’m a fan of rectangular tables but to even make it more exciting, you can mix different styles of tables. This easily can create a more interesting floor plan. Spread out the tables enough so there is ample room between them without looking empty.

Creative Ways to Use Your Wedding Venue Space Wisely

4. Widen the Aisle: This works great specifically for the logistics. When you make your ceremony aisle wider, not only will this create more room for guests but it will also provide more spacing for photographers to get a range of angles and different backgrounds for your photos.

5. How about a Lounge: This is legit one of the coolest things of modern day weddings! Building a lounge around the cocktails area that can stay all night with a satellite bar would easily move your wedding from “okay” to “amazing!”. Satellite bars add a focal point to your event by showcasing your signature cocktail and ways to incorporate your own unique elements!

6. Hanging Decor: Use the ceiling heights to create different focal points with chandeliers, flower arrangements, lighting features (like tinkle lights, Edison bulbs, etc.) and other creative ways to play with the lighting. Light can create atmosphere and highlight features you want people to direct their attention to.

7. Delineate a dance floor: You can do this with lighting, decals, or simply by surrounding it with candles.

Guest Post by Viviana Kohon

Viviana Kohon is a Partner and Director of Marketing at The Symes, a heritage venue located in The Junction, Toronto.

Opened in November 2017, The Symes currently serves as one of Toronto’s largest venue spaces with a rich and established history. A testament to the building’s industrial past, the vibrant modern energy of its home in The Junction – one of the city’s foremost creative hubs – fuels its present. Championed by the combined expertise of Viviana Kohon, Namita Tandon-Walsh and Caitie Yue, the joint venture centres on event management inclusive of weddings, exhibitions, editorial shoots, corporate events, fundraisers, showcases, film productions, etc.; @TheSymesCA

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