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It’s interesting the tiny details in a wedding a couple could use to express themselves. So gone are the days when almost everything in a wedding was basic and alike with only few areas for personalization, customization or creativity. Today, creative couples are emerging and bringing all their creativity to every wedding aspect possible and things as little as the ring boxes are anything but basic.

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Here we are swooning over these oh-so very creative ring boxes. Our selection are all handmade and hail from our favorite handmade store Etsy! From Rustic to romantic, Geometric and more, these creative ring boxes would totally have you feeling fancy and far from basic!

Creative Ring Boxes for the Creative Couples

1. Rustic wedding ring box by Happy Wedding Art

Rustic wedding ring box

2. Personalized wooden ring box by Cork Country Cottage

Personalized wooden ring box

3. Glass Treasure Box – Ring Box by Sand Hill Shores

Glass Treasure Box - Ring Box

4. Slim Engagement ring box by Bella Dora Designs

Slim Engagement ring box

5. Rustic Primitive Wedding Box by Lumbers and Letters

Rustic Primitive Wedding Box

6. Personalized Wooden Ring box by Eve Made Art

Personalized Wooden Ring box

7. Vintage Inspired Silver Dove Grey Velvet Ring box by The Family Joolz

Vintage Inspired Silver Dove Grey Velvet Ring box

8. Geometric Lidded Copper Ring Box by Waen

Geometric Lidded Copper Ring Box

9. Rustic Vintage Ring Box by Design Life Studio

Rustic Vintage Ring Box

10. Woodland Acorn Ring Box by Cat Tails Wood Work

Woodland Acorn Ring Box

11. Ring Box Vintage Inspired For Heirloom Rings by The Family Joolz

creative velvet pink ring box

12. Geometric Lidded Glass Rose Gold Ring Box by Waen

Geometric Lidded Glass Rose Gold Ring Box

Question of the Post

We want to know, which of these 12 creative ring boxes do you love the most?

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