Creative Balloon Wedding Decor Ideas: Modern ways to Infuse Balloons in your Wedding Decor

Who would have thought balloons would be making a comeback and not just for kids’ parties? Well thankfully they did because these modern and creative balloon wedding decor ideas are totally up our alley when it comes to elegance and whimsy at the same time.

When you are considering adding balloon to your wedding decor, keep in mind to opt for ideas that show case elegance but still creative. thankfully we have quite a few ideas to show you how to incorporate balloons creatively to your wedding decor. But keep on mind, it’s not only wedding decor you can infused balloons creatively into! These are 7 modern ways to incorporate balloons into your wedding; Yes, these are list is long, from engagement and wedding portraits, to backdrops, to hanging ceiling decor, signage, aisle decor, centerpieces and invitations.

To help your balloon wedding decor come to life, think of the colors used (I love the use of one color but multiple shades like this Blue balloon decor), really, the colors selected can easily move your event style from tacky to elegant. Also with balloon decor, more is more, the fuller it looks in many cases, the nicer it appears. Lastly get creative by mixing it with florals and greenery, that’s an easy trick that lifts the whole vibe of your event!

Modern and Creative Balloon Wedding Decor Ideas

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