Coral Wedding Bouquet – Petals to Palettes 12

Flower day, bouquet day! Let’s get this hump day on the road with some gorgeous wedding bouquet inspiration with one of KV’s favorite style posts – Petals to Palettes! Today we are totally smitten by this gorgeous Coral Wedding Bouquet and having too much fun drawing out the color palettes from it.

Coral Weddings always remind me of the beach side and the softness of the sand color. Usually that beachy vibe goes with blue but today’s bouquet embraces a slightly different route with the greens, which makes the bouquet quite lovely! While we love the Coral & Blue Beachy look, we have to admit that this Coral Wedding Bouquet with greens is also as beautiful!

Coral Wedding Bouquet

Our Coral Wedding Bouquet selection is from this Inimate Outdoor wedding found on Brides. This gorgeous wedding bouquet was designed by Julie Stevens Design and captured by Jen Philips.

Happy hump day and hope this Coral gorgeousness makes your day bright and happy!

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