Colorful Modern Indian Wedding by Stephanie Kaloi Photography

Another wedding to splash some color on your day! Today’s Modern Indian Wedding by Stephanie Kaloi Photography is one that is perfect for many reasons but most especially the display of culture & color. If you have noticed, KV values Culture-ful, Color-ful, Themed-ful and Prop-ful wedding events so clearly Lisa and Sandip’s wedding is right up KV’s alley.


About the Couple & the Wedding

The couple met at the University of Cincinnati; he was pursuing his PhD while she, her undergraduate degree. Lisa and Sandip hit it off immediately and soon became really good friends. After dating for about 7 years, they decided to get married but Lisa had to move to Australia for work. Being away from Sandip for 9 months, as soon as she got back to the U.S., they went ahead with the wedding. So most of the planning was done in Australia, and Sandip did all the required groundwork here.

Even though the two are both Indian, they come from very different cultures. Their families follow different religions and this was one of the main reasons Lisa and Sandip decided not to go the traditional Indian wedding route. They really wanted their wedding to be a reflection of them as individuals. The two chose to take some aspects of the traditional wedding from their respective cultures and include more modern and meaningful ceremonies which were special to them.

“We got married on August 31st 2014, at Jenkins Estate, Beaverton, Oregon. This was an outdoor wedding and we decided to go with a colorful Indian wedding decoration, so we had bright colors and outfits. We went with a terrific officiant Joanie Levine, who understood our needs for making our own ceremony and worked with us closely to develop our ceremony. We did not have any particular color scheme; as for an Indian wedding, the more colors you have, the better. We decided to add color to our outdoor location by adding colorful lanterns that looked incredible at night.” – Lisa

Modern-indian-wedding-bride Modern-indian-wedding-lisa-bride Modern-indian-wedding-groom Modern-indian-wedding-couple-photo Modern-indian-wedding-ceremony Modern-indian-wedding-garden Modern-indian-wedding-outdoorModern-indian-wedding-ceremony-aisleModern-indian-wedding-ceremony-flowersModern-indian-wedding-ceremony-chair Modern-indian-wedding-oregon Modern-indian-wedding-marriage Modern-indian-wedding-ceremony-style Modern-indian-wedding-kiss Modern-indian-wedding-colorful-wedding Modern-indian-wedding-colorful Modern-indian-wedding-colorful-couple Modern-indian-wedding-reception Modern-indian-wedding-reception-table Modern-indian-wedding-outdoor-reception Modern-indian-wedding-reception-lighting

Advice for Future Couples

“My advice to brides to be would be to trust your gut instinct, if you believe in your wedding idea, stick to it, and the results will be beautiful. I would also give, all the credit to my husband, who put in a lot of hours to give me the wedding of my dreams.” – Lisa

Vendors: Photographer: Stephanie Kaloi Photography | Reception Venue: Jenkins Estate Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. Amy-Jo Tatum/Bride Chic

    A beautiful and inspiring wedding–especially to the couple who want to add that pop of color to their event


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