Colorful Downtown Mural Engagement | Caroline & Evan Photography

When: Oct 09, 2016 | Where: St. Petersburg, Florida | Theme: Colorful, City, Outdoor

Emily teaches Kindergarten so her life is all about color. This is one of the reasons why her and Steven chose to get their photos taken in front of the murals in St. Petersburg, and in bright fun clothing non-the-less! Their colorful downtown mural engagement was captured by the very talented Caroline & Evan Photography, and being a blog that LOVES to celebrate color, we couldn’t wait to share this!

Colorful Downtown Mural Engagement Session | Florida Engagement Session

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About the Couple

“We are from the same hometown! (St. Petersburg, Fl) We met through mutual friends in college, but never thought anything of it. After about 5/6 years we reconnected at a Tampa Bay Rays Game and started dating!” – Emily

Wedding Planning Advice

“Enjoy the moments planning together! Steven has been a wonderful help and I am so thankful he was part of the planning process. (Even if it was a simple “Whatever you want”)” – Emily


Photographer:  Caroline & Evan Photography//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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