Classic Ghana Wedding in Accra by Red Lavender Photography

Yes, something is a bit off today, we are posting on a weekend! Well that is what happens when you have weddings of friends that show up – schedules get changed! Even though I have held on to this wedding for way too long, I think it is somehow perfect timing as I am still fresh from my vacation to Accra, Ghana. So here I am sharing this Classic Ghana wedding today! Oh, and let’s not forget the extremely cool fact about today’s couple; we all went to college together so obviously that adds to the list of reasons why this wedding is Knotsvilla-change-of-schedule-worthy!

The Wedding

Since the bride did not have a favorite wedding color, the couple went with a beautiful color-less wedding held at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. By color-less we mean, apart from the men’s tux, this wedding is beautifully sprayed with whites and the likes. Though Syreeta and Ekow both live in Canada, they took the wedding back home to Accra, Ghana. Apart from how stunning Syreeta looked with her flawless make up, I have to draw your attention to the glittery items on her; her earrings and her flats. Yes, she rocked flats for the wedding!

For their wedding reception, it was an evening outdoor one with gorgeous chandeliers hanging down, transparent chiavari chairs, high centerpieces and drapes all over. We are most excited about the very last shot though; yup, Syreeta and Ekow did it – read on to find out what.

Enjoy this classic and timeless style wedding of Syreeta & Ekow beautifully captured by Canada based Red Lavender photography.


How they Met:

“I first saw Ekow at a house party and instantly thought he was so cute!. However, he claims he didn’t notice me then… 🙁 I met him a year and half later at church. When he introduced himself he said “I have never seen you before. I replied “me neither!” ( lies). We became friends after that.

Then a few years later, right out of the blue he called me and said ” I like you a lot and I know you like me too…so lets do this properly and see where we can take this. I laughed and said ” who told you I like you??… “(we both admitted later that we had been secretly crushing on each other for a few years). We spoke for 5 1/2 hours on the phone that night and have been inseparable since.” – Syreeta


The crying groom…how sweet!


The Proposal:

“Ekow took me to this art gallery (I love stuff like that). While at the gallery, he kept disagreeing with my interpretations of  the various painting and sculptures (he said he did that to distract me). Then he led me to this beautiful roof-top, from where we could see the whole city…and went down on one knee.

I was so shocked and happy, I was screaming “omg, omg” I didn’t even hear what he said. I simple grabbed the ring from the box and was going to place it on my finger myself  but he stopped me and placed it on my finger. Lol. Definitely one of the best nights of my life.” – Syreeta


Yup, this was what I wanted you to see, the couple took a dip in the pool!

Favorite Moments:

“We had an  indoor ceremony with an out door reception and I loved it!!!! I loved that Ekow cried as I walked in. We also had South African jazz musician Hugh Masakela who was the entertainment for the night. He and his band played a beautiful song for our first dance. (Its been a year & half since we got married but every now and then we watch our wedding video just to dance to that song).

We were so hot and sticky at the end of the night..we decided to jump into the pool…in our wedding clothes!!!

Most importantly, I loved that our family and friends we able to celebrate with us. We had over 650 people so you can imagine that the party was real!” – Syreeta

* * * * *

Vendors: Photography: Red Lavender photography | Ceremony & reception venue: La Palm Royal Beach Hotel | Decor: Danny Decorations | Makeup: Renee Q

Have a happy weekend KV readers, we would be with you in 2 days when our official Culture-ful month begins!

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