Christmas Inspired Wedding Ideas

#NowSinging It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Especially here in Chicago, almost everywhere you turn to has “Christams” in your face. I headed over to the Chicago airport neighborhood for a Christmas show yesterday (that show was awesome on all levels!) and I can honestly say that whole neighborhood felt like December 25th! So finally I can now confess I am in the christams mode and what better way to show it than write a post like this?

Planning a Christmas Wedding? Say hello to the colors to work with: Green, Red, White, Silver, Gold.

Christmas Inspired Wedding Ideas

1. Chair Covers: Usually you get 2 coverings for a chair: the chair cover itself and the lining around it. To get this look, I’d suggest using the standard white chair cover and adding the second piece with a twist: roll it up to make it thinner – about 2-3 inches (usually they are about 7 inches in width) and then add some holly. Another twist to this could be to let ornaments like in the picture dangle as opposed to the holly – your choice. For a full picture, click here.

2. Favors: If you are into favors; edible favors like me, I’d suggest the Christmas candies in this case. Here, the red and white Christmas candies are all placed in a small brown basket with some leaves and these could be neatly arranged on the tables for your guests. Yes, your guests may have had enough of them from holiday parties since it is the season but these will still make for a beautiful and “christmassy” idea especially if you have kids at your wedding. Click here to see full picture.

3. Centerpiece: I think I see candies everywhere!! Fine, I may not be all for the idea of having so much candy on every table but this is not about me is it? These centerpieces are all made up with flowers and different kinds candies in the vases. You can definitely add a twist to yours and replace each of these items. As long as the Christmas colors are in the vases, I think you should be fine. For a full picture click here.

4. Cake Now this cake, I can say I absolutely love! The “quirkiness” of the cake and still the “simplicity” makes me all bubbly inside. Since I am no baker, I can only suggest you take this picture over to your baker and let him/her play around with more ideas and of course maybe higher prices. See full picture here.

5. Dessert: If I went to a wedding and was served this strawberries in Christmas coatings, I doubt I would want to eat them – preserving them sounds more ideal just because of how beautiful they look 🙂 Again, show this to your caterer, it looks like it might not be the cheapest idea but it’s still an idea right? Picture from here, click to see full picture.

6. Ornaments: The ornaments in the picture have the couple’s names and wedding date written on one side and the Christmas bells on the other side of them. Click here to see original picture.

7. Table Setting: This picture has red chairs, a red table runner, white plates with red napkins, wine glasses, red Chinese lanterns, red roses, vases that look red and red votive candle holders (with candles in them of course). Yes, it is a whole lot of RED but I think it still has great potential to twist it up for a Christmas inspired wedding. If I had to work something like this, I probably would not use as many lanterns over one table ($ factor, if that is not a problem for you, please feel free to indulge), The red roses, I would change to white flowers but keep the red looking vases (just to reduce the “red” in it) and if I cant get those particular lovely red chairs then I would probably settle for the silver chiavari chairs. See a somewhat clearer picture here.

8. Cupcake: If you are not the conventional big cake type of bride/groom, cupcakes are a wonderful idea for your wedding reception. To create the look in this picture, I am thinking, a vanilla cupcake, the icing, Christmas candy sticks and if you look closely you would see pieces of what I believe are M&Ms on each of the candy sticks. What makes me even more attracted to this idea is the “North Pole” tag that every cupcake has sticking to the candy line – What a neat idea! To see a full picture, click here.

PS: Cupcakes presented like this always makes great favors.

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