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When: January 2, 2016 | Where: Pennsylvania | Theme: Christmas, Holiday | Colors: Red, Green

The vision for the wedding stemmed from what Jodi had dreamed about her entire life. She grew up loving the movie “Father of the Bride” and always dreamed of a wedding at home in the winter. That, coupled with their love of Christmas became the inspiration for their lovely Christmas holiday themed wedding.

Full of details such as deep red roses, lots of candlelight, and a big tree covered in white lights sitting the front yard and much more, Jodi and Alex’s Christmas holiday themed wedding is perfect to spread more holiday cheer to our lovely readers on this day!

Christmas Holiday Themed Wedding

christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-9 christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-red-wedding-shoes christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-bride-and-puppy christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-bridesmaids-photo christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-green-bridesmaid christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-red-bridesmaid christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-16 christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-21 christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-18 christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-groom christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-bridesmaids christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-bridal-bouquet christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-23 christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-22 christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-19 christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-20 christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-4 christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-3 christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-reception-table christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-reception-setup christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-reception christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-table-name christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-candlelight christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-centerpiece christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-decor christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-ie-sculpture christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-red-wedding-cake christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-5 christmas-holiday-themed-wedding-7

About the Couple

“Alex and I met at Villanova University. We knew of each other since our Sophomore year but we didn’t start really spending time together until our Junior year. We started dating and fell in love senior year. We had some hard times transferring from the college life to the real world. We got through them and we came out stronger then ever. We lived in Philadelphia after college and so this city has meant so much to us. Alex proposed on the top of City Hall, looking out towards Villanova where we first met. He bought all the tickets so we were the only ones up there (well, with the security guard, Crawford!).” – Jodi

Wedding Planning Advice

“Enjoy every single second because it goes by so fast! If you have something in mind that you think is impossible just ask and go for it- try to make your it a reality! Don’t stress the week of, it all comes together!” – Jodi


Event Planner/Catering: Cescaphe Event Group | Flowers: Beautiful Blooms, Philadelphia, PA | Band: Jellyroll with BVT Live Entertainment | Photography/Videography: BG Productions | Hair: Heritage Barber Company – Nicole and Joey Joy | Makeup: Duette Hair and Makeup Design | Tents: EventQuip, Landsdale, PA | Draping: Bobby Morganstein Events | Carolers: Classic Singing Telegram | Cocktail Band: Dan Martin Music

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