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As readers of KnotsVilla already know, faith is a core part of what this wedding blog is all about, so from time to time, we highlight how to wrap your wedding with your christian faith. Today we are pulling focus to adorable wedding signs we’ve spotted all over the wedding web. These signs are designed beautifully with couples favorite verses or verses that explain the coming together of the couple.

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Tip: For those interesting in having their christian faith displayed on the wedding day, key things to remember are; the words (from the bible or a prayer), the font used, the item which it is inscribed/written on and the position where it is placed. These 4 things should guide you in coming up with a beautiful christian wedding sign for your ceremony and (or) reception.

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Christian Wedding Signs for your Ceremony and (or) Reception

God Gave Me You Darin Crofton2

Photo by Darin Crofton Photography  via KnotsVillaOutdoor-farm-wedding-bible-signage

Photo by Fowler Studios via KnotsVilla


Photo by Lamplight Photography South Africa


Photo by Andie Freeman Photography via KnotsVilla


Photo by Amanda Patrice


Photo by Mallory Morgan Photography via Wedding Chicks


Photo by Shannen Natasha Weddings via 100 Layer Cake


Photo by Country Bliss Designs Etsy Shop


Photo by Leah McEachern Photography via Wedding Chicks


Photo by JL Custom Designs Etsy Shop


Photo by Country Bliss Designs Etsy Shop

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