Christian Wedding:10 ways to Rock your Christian Wedding

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Are you Christian and want your wedding to communicate that clearly to your guests? Are you a bride or groom who is interested in ways and ideas to incorporate your christian faith into your wedding? Then today’s post should answer many of your “how” questions with these amazing ideas for a Christian wedding.


About 2 years ago I posted about 10 ideas for your Christian themed wedding, today’s post is more of an update with fresh ideas. Like I explained in our previous post on Christian weddings, christian themed weddings mostly make use of words as opposed to objects. A few objects like the Cross and Bible exist but if one looks a little deeper, one would see most Christian themed weddings are very word-filled; words/quotes from the Bible.

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Here are 10 ways to rock your Christian wedding!

1♥ Engagement Photos

Engagement photos with the perfect signs are one of the common ways to incorporate your christian faith to your wedding. Many times these kinds of photos could be hung in homes, showing the couple and a favorite verse to remind them of their commitment to one another. Apart from using signs, adding the actual bible to your photo set as a prop is another great way to incorporate your faith.


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2♥ Ring Bible instead of Pillow

When your adorable ring bearer walks down the aisle looking all cute and adorable with the wedding rings, instead of using the a ring pillow, a bible would be a great way to incorporate the christian faith into the wedding.


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3♥ First Touch & Bridesmaids Prayer

Because of how important we Christians agree prayer is, we tend to reserve moments of the day to speak to God, especially when something huge is about to happen. For a traditional bride who wants her husband to see her for the first time as she walks down the aisle, but still wants to pray with him before the wedding, a first touch prayer is usually a common idea.


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Also for the bride and her bridesmaids, a prayer is usually said before they all head out. It should be a special moment with a bride and her favorite girls, truly committing the rest of the wedding event and the marriage ahead to God. Bridesmaids pouring out their hearts before God on behalf of the bride is such a precious moment!


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4♥ Location – A Church

An easy way to rock your Christian wedding would be having it in a church. Usually a church location is very precious to the couple especially when it is the church where one of them was christened, baptized, became born again or any other remarkable events in their christian faith.


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5♥ A Cross instead of an Arch

The cross is one major symbol of the Christian faith. As christians we believe new life came with the Death (and Resurrection) of Christ which happened on the Cross. For couples having an outdoor wedding and not in a church like explained above, having a Cross instead of an Arch is a great way to express the christian faith in a wedding.


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6♥ Feet Washing

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. It was an act of humility and service. Many couples tend to include feet washing in their ceremony, committing themselves to serving one another for the rest of their lives.


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7♥ The Three Fold Cord

Another favorite marriage verse is found in Ecclesiastes 4:12 which talks about a three fold cord being not easily broken. This means that a marriage not only takes the man and woman to work, but the man, woman and God to work. Braiding the rope is another way to keep this verse in the hearts of the couple for their marriage journey ahead.


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8♥ Aisle Runner

Walking down the an aisle with meaning is definitely an idea for the books. Couples can make use of their favorite verses on the wedding aisle runner.


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9♥ Centerpiece

When your guests take their seats at their tables, couples can bring their focus to their christian faith by the centerpiece they use. Using words from the bible on your table or around a centerpiece would be a good way to express your faith on each reception table.


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10♥ Wedding Signage

Signs placed around your wedding location is another common way to express the christian faith in weddings. Whether found on the cake table or the entrance of your reception location, these signs should have verses that are special to the couple but also memorable for the guests.


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Above all; LOVE. With all these inspiration and symbols expressed in a Christian wedding, it would always fall short if Love is not found in such a gathering. Not love by what you say, but by what you do. The love of Christ should always be shown in how you treat your guests, your wedding party, the vendors and others involved in your wedding.

1 John 3: 18 “..let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

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  1. Parekh

    I am a god fearing person and I would be so blessed to showcase my Jesus faith during my wedding. The first touch and bride’s maid prayer and the three fold cord makes me feel so close to the almighty and sure to make the moment very precious.

  2. Catherine Benner

    As a Christian floral designer and wedding stylist, I so appreciate these ideas to share with my couples! Thank you!

  3. Joanne

    I love these ideas… would you mind to show the programs of the ceremony please coz i have no idea… my fiancè and i wants a christian wedding and we both no have ideas about it… thanks in advance and God bless xxx


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