Christian Rustic Wedding by Final Cut Events

When: February 27, 2016 | Where: Miami, Florida | Theme: Christian, Rustic, Brunch | Colors: Gold, Neutral

Here on KnotsVilla we do not shy away from our love for Christian weddings, so when we received Mauricio and Rosie’s Christian Rustic Wedding we quickly had it approved. So many details about this wedding made my face light up; from the fun rustic décor with Christian wording beautifully incorporated, to the couple’s special story (married, divorced and remarried) to the beautiful vows shared, every bit of this wedding makes it the ideal KV wedding. Rosie further told us that the wedding was “so spirit filled even non-believers left with questions about God.”

About the Christian Rustic Wedding

Christian Rustic Wedding - Bride Christian Rustic Wedding - Bridesmaids TotesChristian Rustic Wedding - Aisle Decor - 1 Corinthians 13 Christian Rustic Wedding - Ring Bearer with BibleChristian Rustic Wedding - Flower girl basket Christian Rustic Wedding - Flower Girl Christian Rustic Wedding - Bride Walking down the Aisle Christian Rustic Wedding - Bride and GroomChristian Rustic Wedding - Married Christian Rustic Wedding - Sign Christian Rustic Wedding - Outdoor Ceremony Christian Rustic Wedding - Happy Tears Sign Christian Rustic Wedding - Couple Christian Rustic Wedding - Bridesmaids Christian Rustic Wedding - Weding Party Christian Rustic Wedding - TableChristian Rustic Wedding - Seating Chart Christian Rustic Wedding - Reception table decor Christian Rustic Wedding - Hand Sanitizer Christian Rustic Wedding - Reception table Christian Rustic Wedding - ReceptionChristian Rustic Wedding - Reception Table Details Christian Rustic Wedding - Mason Jar Bible Scripture - We love Christian Rustic Wedding - reception setup Christian Rustic Wedding - Love sign Christian Rustic Wedding - Cake topper Christian Rustic Wedding - Cake and Cupcakes

About the Couple

“This was the 2nd time for Mauricio and I.  We were married for over 10 years, divorced for about 7 and by God’s grace we’re back together now.  As our wedding date approached, we knew we wanted it to be impactful.  We wanted it to be different.  We chose an outdoor venue so we could bask in God’s beautiful creation.  We (okay I) did a ton of searching and we ended up with a bunch of DIY projects; Etsy played a huge role too, all to create the best possible setting.   All the while, we prayed for everyone that would be in attendance and He (God) did the rest.  It was a perfect day.” – Rosie


Venue:  The Old Grove | Pics/Video/DJ/DOC: Final Cut Events | Florist:  Hirni’s Wayside Garden Florist | Farm Tables and Arbor:  Simple Rustic | Décor Rentals:  Salvage Snob  | Caterer:  A Fare To Remember  | Pastor:  Pastor James (Jim) Spear | Bride’s & Flower Girl Dress:   David’s Bridal | Bridesmaids:  Dessy | Rings:  Jared | Goodie Bags, Card Box & Other Stuff:  Hobby Lobby | Mason Jars customized:  Brand My Beverage | Vests:  Remy Tailor Shop | Hats:  Goorin Bros.

ETSY Items Included

Note: These links below contain affiliate links, so if purchases are made through them, KV gets compensated.

Wooden Vow Books:  Wild Fire Flies | Calligraphy: @Zalligraphy (table numbers & tags) | Brides Jewelry:  Marolsha | Bride Hair pearls:  DarlasBlooms | Flower girl hair crown:  rosesandlemons | 3 Cords:  UnityWeddingBraids | Programs:  Annamalie | Bridesmaid initial necklaces:  makepienotwar | Kids versions of mason mug:  Rememberedoncemore | Wood tree tags:  PebblesAndWoods | Hand Sanitizer Penants:  MySweetLife

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