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Yesterday I spoke to a friend with #WeddingDressIssues; she just cant seem to find the dress. As she “worried” about it, I thought it through and came up with 5 steps that would be great to discuss in regards to choosing your wedding dress (I wonder why I did not know these then. Ugh!).

14 months ago I got engaged and for 6 months I planned my wedding and finally said “I do”. Picking my dress honestly was not what I would describe as a difficult process, but now I look back at the experience, I can agree that it could have been easier. These tips are solely based on my experience and it could very well differ from another bride’s but it is worth sharing anyways 🙂

This is just from a Bride to a Bride. Now grab your pen and paper!

1. Set and Know your Budget: I am a firm believer in setting a budget for everything in life. Having a budget to me just shows how responsible someone is rather than what it widely perceived to be “how cheap a person is”. To be without a budget I feel is to be without a “structure”; so anything goes. That in itself leaves room for careless planning and lack of creativity or growth. With a wedding, trust me when I say, it is easy to get carried away! So having a budget to me was kind of my “checks and balances” to help me remember the world did not revolve around me, my wedding and a dress for one day!

2. Know your body size/ type: After establishing a budget, this gives you fewer options thereby making your decision process a bit easier. Next, I made sure I knew my size and dress style. I did not assume a ball gown style based on the Cinderella stories I watched when I was a kid. But instead I went into a store and actually find out what style works better and complements my body type; to my surprise it was not the Cinderella dress!

After figuring out that my dress style was the Mermaid style, then my other visits to the bridal stores were just to try out that style. Now matter how gorgeous a dress might have looked, if it was not a Mermaid style, I made up my mind to just look away; not even find out the price, just look away!


3. Try it on first: I did not go online and order a Mermaid dress after step 2. Please don’t! It is wise to have an idea of how you would look on that day, if possible the whole attire should be checked out. So try them all on-in person, not virtually.

4. Consider delivery time: As I write I am not really sure if this point should come here or before the #3 option. Because it would really suck to fall in love with a great dress with great price but delivery date not in your favor. So as you progress on this lovely journey of finding the dress, always consider the store’s delivery time. Make sure it is not too close to the wedding date in case sudden issues arise (needed alterations, etc). For me, my dress came in 1 month! So I had it good, however this may not always be the case, so allow for extra time.

5. Purchase it and quit viewing others: This can be the hardest part; not giving in to the temptation of other dresses after you have paid for yours. Not only can this lead to a “waste” of money, it can also make you repeat the whole process again and stress you out even more. So once you have paid for your dress, sign off on that task and move to the next task on the planning list.

If possible do not visit bridal stores again, close up your Pinterest wedding dresses board, just move on! I ended up having 2 dresses, I bet by now it is obvious I did not take my own advice, I was tempted and I fell hard!

Hopefully this is helpful to at least one human being; one bride.

Question of the Day: Do you have more tips? Add them to the comment section and help a Bride out there!

Have an awesome week!

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