Chinese Wedding Ceremony in Scotland by Chantal Lachance Gibson Photography

Chinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-uk-couple

Hey there readers, we are back in the full swing of our Culture-ful month! In case you missed what this month of August is all about, Knotsvilla would be putting aside the western traditional weddings with gorgeous white dresses and highlighting traditional weddings from all over the world – focused one where the bride is NOT in white! So far we have enjoyed reading about the Indian wedding that took place in New Jersey, the Nigerian wedding, Henna to Palettes inspiration from Indian brides and today we continue with a Chinese Wedding Ceremony!

Fiona and Raymond are the couple of the day who have been beautifully captured by Chantal Lachance-Gibson Photography! We love how Chantal and her team were spot on with capturing all the traditions involved. These traditions included door games, the groom paying a fee to collect his bride, the tea ceremony, the gifting of gold jewelry to the bride, money envelopes given to the couple, and more!

Fiona went with the vibrant and traditional colors of red and gold for the day as she wore a traditional Chinese wedding dress (Quan Kwa) and slippers. She looked absolutely gorgeous. According to Chantal, Red plays a vital role in Chinese wedding festivities because it is considered a lucky color which also signifies love, prosperity and happiness while Gold symbolizes wealth, joy and luck. These two colors are paired to symbolize the importance of the unity between the couple.

Chinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-the Bride

When Chantal and her team arrived, the girls were just finishing up the final details for the door games before the boys arrived.  The whole idea behind the door games is to block the groom at the door when he comes to “collect” his bride. The friends and family put him and his friends through trials and questions to make sure he really loves the bride before letting him through. The girls had set up a few different trials for Raymond which included a questionnaire, a sheet for of lip impressions where he had to guess which ones was Fiona’s, an eating trial where him and the boys had to eat chilli powder covered bananas and many more.

Finally he had to offer a sum of money in a red envelope to the girls and the parents to “bargain” for Fiona.  Luckily they accepted! Fiona sat at the top of the stairs listening to the whole process and laughing away – cute shots of the bride! Once Raymond came into the house Fiona waited for him upstairs where he saw her for the first time that morning before the tea ceremonies began.

Chinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-games

Game: Which re Fiona’s lips?

Chinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-chilli-bananaChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-chilli banana face

Chilli banana face – lol, love it!

Chinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-bride being entertainedChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-couple togetherChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-bride

The first tea ceremony of the day took place at Fiona’s parents house with her side of the family. They used a gorgeous red and white tea set bought specially for the occasion. Tea is used in wedding ceremonies as it symbolizes respect. It is considered a significant event of the day as the groom is formally introduced to the brides family and the bride is also formally introduced to the grooms family which is what took place in the second tea ceremony of the day.

Raymond’s mother and grand mother rented a lovely penthouse in Glasgow’s city center which is where their tea ceremony took place following Fiona’s. Chinese green tea cake was served and jewelry was given from Raymond’s mom to Fiona including a gold pig necklace with little piglets which symbolizes fertility.

Chinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-gold necklaceChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-ceremony-guestChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-ceremonyChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-tea-ceremony-ukChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-tea-ceremony-guestChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-teaChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-uk

From there they headed off to the West End around Glasgow University to take photos as this is where Fiona and Raymond met – once again something with significance to them as a couple, #KnotsvillaApproved! Right after, they headed off to Glasgow’s China Town for the wedding banquet, another important part of a Chinese wedding. A 3rd tea ceremony was done for other close family members.

Following this, formal photos were taken with chairs for the elders as a sign of respect. An 8 course meal was served where each course symbolized something different from wealth, to peace in their married life and much more.

Chinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-banquetChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-banquet settingChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-foodChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-kiss and shadowsChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-coupleChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-university-shotChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson PhotographyChinese Wedding Ceremony by Chantal Gibson Photography-fiona and Raymond

* * * * * *

Wow, did Chantal just take us to a school of Chinese wedding or what? We are so happy to learn these fun details of a Chinese wedding ceremony and so pleased to have Fiona and Raymond on the blog today.

Vendors: Photography: Chantal Lachance Gibson Photography | Wedding Planning: Carmen Weddings | Flowers – Endrick Blooms | Venue – China Town Glasgow 

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