Chicagoland Korean wedding by Avery House

We are happy to be going further with our culture-ful month here on Knotsvilla. Today’s wedding is another eye-catching wedding with a tradition we are happy to explore. This wedding was held in the Chicago land area (Mt. Prospect) where the couple had both their western wedding, Korean wedding and then the reception. Of course for this post, we are focusing on the culture-ful and color-ful one; the Korean wedding. Melissa was happy to share details about her wedding with us and share the gorgeous photos which were taken by Avery House

According to Melissa, the outfits the couple wore at the wedding are traditional Korean wedding attire in style.  However, the bride traditionally usually wears red and blue but Melissa wore what was available.  As with western culture, the fashion does change from season to season and modern interpretations vary in color and styling.


Melissa and Isaac had the Korean ceremony, otherwise known as Pyebaek, on the same day as the wedding but during the reception.  Fortunately, the venue the chose for their wedding was owned by a Korean couple and they offered the traditional attire, all the accessories, and offered to conduct the ceremony!

What they had was a “condensed” Korean ceremony.  Isaac and Melissa had each set of parents take turns sitting at the head table. To each set of parents, they bowed down to pay their respects, exchanged cups of wine, listened to words of advice on a successful marriage, received monetary gifts, then had each parent throw dates and chestnuts (which represented children) that Isaac and Melissa caught in her wedding skirt! Afterwards, Isaac piggybacked Melissa and walked around the ceremonial site to show his strength and “manliness”.


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The whole ceremony lasted about 20 minutes and the couple chose to have it to honor Melissa’s Korean heritage but also to show Isaac, his family, and their guests what one would experience during a Korean wedding ceremony.  Isaac is Chinese, Italian, and German.

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Korean weddings, thanks to the couple and the vendors involved!

Vendors: Venue: Midori Banquets | Entertainment: Scott Park of Sweet Soundz | Caterer/Cake Artist: Midori Banquets |  Phototography: Avery House

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