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When: June 3, 2017 | Where: Temecula, California | Theme: Garden, Romantic, Shabby Chic | Colors: Blush, Navy Blue |

Tara and Brent had the perfect chic backyard garden wedding! This beautiful wedding at the Fitzpatrick estate was dripping with lovely “less is more” vibe, with the attire, flowers and most importantly the gorgeous location!

Chic Backyard Garden Wedding

“We knew we wanted our wedding to be at his mom and dads home. I had said for years that I wanted to get married in their backyard. They have a stunning home that is more like a castle sitting on 56 acres in the heart of Temecula’s wine country surrounded by vineyards. The front yard seamlessly flows in to the side patios and back yard.

We wanted our wedding to be elegant and beautiful but not stuffy. Neither of us are flashy people and in to fancy, we wanted our wedding to reflect us. We wanted it to be simple, light, beautiful and fun. When people would ask me what my style was I said envision a garden tea party without the tea cups and china. We really strived for a garden party feel with light colors and soft textures.

It was also very important to me that God was implemented in to our wedding. We may not be getting married in a church but it is still a covenant under God. For our ceremony, I loved the idea of having the house as a back drop and decided on the wrap around driveway. Brent wasn’t particularly on board for this but let me have my way and agreed in the end that is was perfect. The winter scenery makes it hard to envision when all the plants are baron and the bright green boston ivy that trails over the walls allowing the grey stone to peek through is dormant.

I wanted a wedding that would flow. I wanted each section of our wedding to seamlessly streamline into one another. Our cocktail hour took place on the lawn and under the bell tower and side patio where we also had our bar placed. We hired Michael SG for our cocktail entertainment. He was the entertainment at Leonesse the night we got engaged and we thought that made it a little more fun. There are so many little nooks that made this the perfect place for our cocktail hour.

Our reception was in the back yard overlooking the vineyards. The wisteria covered veranda acted as our dance floor and the side porch was the perfect place for our buffet line and dessert table. We had tea lights hanging in mini lanterns from the trees, market lights strung across the lawn and had both the fireplaces lit for ambiance. Our tables were placed on the lawn, around the pool and under the large pepper trees. We did a mixture of long farm tables and benches large round tables with white linens and fruitwood chairs.”

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Wedding Attire

Because we were doing light blush colored flowers we wanted our bridal parties attire to contrast nicely, ultimately deciding on navy blue. When choosing the bridesmaid dresses I strived to find dresses that were not terribly expensive but didn’t look cheap. I hated the dresses I found at the bridal stores, the material looked and felt incredibly cheap.

I also wanted everyone to be able to pick out a style that they would feel the most comfortable in but would be out of the same materials and have the same dye lot. I did not want to tell the girls go pick any dress in navy blue. There are so many shades of navy blue and so many different materials. My grandmother actually found the website for JJ’s house and they had amazing prices. They had a huge selection of styles, all the same materials and color.

I was super apprehensive to order from a store that is strictly online so I had my sister get her dress first. I figured its better to be stuck with only one dress rather than have everyone get stuck with a terrible dress if they were terrible. I could not have been happier with her dress when it arrived. It was double lined chiffon and true to size. I was so happy that each one of my girls were able to wear a dress that they would make them beautiful and they would be comfortable in. To me there is nothing worse than being stuffed in a dress that was designed for someone half your size and really on looks good on a few people.

For the groomsmen we wanted to stay with the blue theme as the girls. We decided to put the groomsmen in the same suit as Brent but changed the shirt. They also wore bow ties and suspenders. Brent wore a light checkered shirt with a tie and vest so that he would stand apart.

When choosing my dress I was adamant about finding something that was not sleeveless and I did not want a ball gown. I am in my 30s and was not trying to pretend that I was a Disney princess. Again, I think this attitude ties in with my simplicity because I look at ball gowns on other women and they look amazing. It was important to me that my dress wasn’t low cut and relatively modest but yet still elegant.

I loved that I had an illusion neck and the tulle had small embroidered and beaded applique. I knew the style of dress that I wanted to get and was originally going to order my dress online because of a sale. I am so happy that my mom and mother in law would not let me get a dress without seeing it in person or trying it on. I went dress shopping last minute in the middle of the week after work with my mother and grandmother (everyone was busy). I tried on the dress that I was going to buy online and eek…not a good look. The second dress I tried on I knew was the one I was going to pick.”

Chic Backyard Garden Wedding - stunning scenery

Proposal Story

“I had no clue that Brent was going to propose. I always knew that we would get married but had resided my self to the fact that it would happen one day. We spoke quite often of our future and when we’re married type of talk but never spoke about when we would actually do it. I am not the type of person that wanted to push the issue and knew it would happen when Brent was finally ready.

The night that Brent had proposed was not the night he was originally going to do it. He had carried the ring around for two weeks before he finally popped the question waiting for the perfect moment. He originally planned on asking me at dinner on my birthday but I was in a mood that day and was beyond a Negative Nancy. The following weekend we went to Arizona where he planned on asking but I was sick the entire weekend and there was never an opportune moment.

Finally, we were going to be in Temecula for a baby shower and his mom wanted to do dinner at Leonesse Winery for my birthday. That was a ploy. When we were getting ready to go, Brent asked me if he had to go. I told him “No, stay home and go do something with your friends” (Brent hates going out to dinner). Another ploy.

All night everyone kept talking about my special dessert that was coming (I LOVE desserts). We had ordered a few different desserts off the menu and the waitress brought out a glass of port and chocolate for me. I thought this was my “special dessert”. As the other desserts arrived, a small chocolate cake was placed in front of me while everyone sang happy birthday.

It took me a moment to realize that there was a black box with a small gold bow tied around it placed on top of the cake. I was so taken aback I took the box but still didn’t realize what was going on. Apparently, my 7 year old niece lacks patience and said I was taking too long and took the box from me. As Brooklyn opened my ring box, Brent tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and he was on one knee and said “Tara, will you marry me?” I responded with “What! Oh my gosh, are you serious??” and started crying. I didn’t answer until finally someone said, “is that a yes”? I could not believe it!

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Wedding flowers

“Our tables were covered in eucalyptus and olive leaves and our wedding flowers were soft textured peonies, garden roses and dahlias.

The bridesmaids had reniculas incorporated in them and were a smaller version of my bouquet. The boutonnieres were rifle casings and had fishing lures attached to them. I wanted to somehow incorporate Brent’s hobbies and our boutonnieres turned out amazing.

Our table arrangements were wooden lanterns that my mother in law got at Kirkland home placed on wooden boxes that Brent made and had beautiful soft pink roses, white hydrangeas, white stock and eucalyptus and olive leaves. They were gorgeous.”

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DIY, handmade, or Personal details

“Brent made our bar, wine barrel buffet tables, cake table and all of the wooden boxes that our flower arrangements were in. My mother made the fortune cookies, complete with fortunes and dipped in chocolate and I made tags that matched our invitations to attach to the cookies that told about the animal rescues.”

Family heirlooms or Special traditions

“On our dessert table we used some of the china service plates that has been handed down to me from my grandmother and great aunts that once belonged to my great and great-great grandmother. I had also recently been gifted a ceramic tea pot (part of the same collection and happened to be light pink) from my great aunt, I had this tea pot served to their table with the coffee service. They totally got a kick out of it and my aunt recently told my grandmother how special that was to her.

On our dessert table we placed my Grandparents cake topper from their wedding and Brent’s Grandparents (also used by his parents, aunt and sister) cake topper from their wedding on display under glass domes. It was one of my favorite aspects of our wedding to have these incorporated.

In my bouquet my florist attached my deceased grandmothers rosary. It was super special to have that with me; it was the rosary that she had on her bed with her when she died and when she was ill I stayed in the hospital with her for two weeks until she passed.”

Wedding Planning Advice

“Remember that the wedding is one day, marriage is for a lifetime. When it is all said an done, it is about solidifying your commitment to one another before God, your family and friends.

The wedding is amazingly fun but remember to not get so wrapped up in the idea of the wedding and get yourself wrapped up in the idea of being married. I love being married. I would not have thought after ten years that it would be any different to be married, to a degree it’s not but there is something really special about being married that you can’t quite put in to words.

I would also recommend that you don’t get yourself in to huge debt because when it is all said and done it is a party and after your wedding day its done, unfortunately the interest on our credit card isn’t.

I would also recommend making a list of the photos that are important to you. I had made a short list and after the fact when going through photos there were photos that I wished I had.”


Photography: Amira Gray Photography | Ceremony Venue: The Fitzpatrick Estate | Reception Venue: The Fitzpatrick Estate | Event Planning: Michelle Garibay Events-Cara Goset, Senior Consultant | Floral: Tre Fiori Floral Studio | Wedding Cake: Blissful Cakes and Decor | Rentals: Rustic Urban Events | Rentals: Signature Party Rentals | Hair: Beauty by Melina | Makeup: Beauty by Melina | Violinist: Harpist from the Heart | Entertainment: Sterling Entertainment | Bar: 2 Olives And A Twist | Food Truck: In N Out | Hair: BEAUTY BY DOMENICA | Makeup: BEAUTY BY DOMENICA | Entertainment: MICHAEL SG | Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Groom’s Attire: Kenneth Cole | Bridesmaid Dresses: JJ’s House | Veil: David’s Bridal | Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

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