Cherry Red Vintage Bridal Inspiration

Today’s cherry red vintage bridal inspiration is perfect to wrap the week up with! Captured by Kyla Hammel of KJean Photography , this gorgeous shoot from Denver is filled with deep warm flowers, fun accents, and unique details making the color red the “cherry-on-top” of it all.

About the Cherry Red Vintage Bridal Inspiration

With simple delights, like an Ice-Cream bar instead of a cake, cherry red lipstick and a table filled with throwback board games, all these make for a charming affair with a vintage flavor. Keeping in mind the bride that wants to wear flowers long after she’s done carrying around her bouquet, a flower-belt makes for a perfect enchanting detail!

Nothing says bridal fun like riding a bright red cruiser (Campus Cycles of Denver) in a gorgeous vintage-styled wedding dress!

Happy weekend KV readers!

Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-makeup Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-bouquet-01 Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-15 Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-27Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-flower-belt Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-61 Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-games Cherry-Red-Vintage-games Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-flowers Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-treats Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-dessertCherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-quote Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-bikes Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-bouquet-bike Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-bicycle Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-05 Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-03 Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-82 Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-79 Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-123 Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-02 Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-01 Cherry Red Vintage Bridal-inspiration-treats Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-dessert Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-table Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-centerpiece Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-120 Cherry-Red-Vintage-Bridal-inspiration-116


Photography: KJean Photography | Flowers: Orchid Princess Floral | Location: Moss Denver | Makeup: Jade Beauty | Rentals/Styling: Plank and Pearl  | Dress: Blue Bridal Boutique

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