Casual Summer Virginia Engagement by Mathy Shoots People


In my mind, the word casual is not complete if it does not scream fun! And that is exactly the vibe I get as I view Gretchen and Jim’s Casual summer Virginia Engagement. Get ready for funny faces, lots of laughter, kisses and beautiful scenery in the perfect location; the Locust Shade Park.

Mother nature also pulled a gorgeous number in this shoot with the overcast skies oozing soft light! This shoot makes you want to hurry this winter away, white snow is beautiful but…I’d pick clear and bright beautiful skies over those any day!

Gretchim (Gretchen + Jim) also had a formal shoot but I have tried to keep this feature to just the Casual one. As much as I tried I just had to include one of my all time favorite shots – when he lifts her up and kisses her. That photo settles down at the very end of this feature, I thought it would make a beautiful closing.

Casual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-session-09Casual-Summer-Virginia-EngagementCasual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-003holding-hands-Casual-Summer-Virginia-EngagementCasual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-07Casual-Summer-park-Virginia-EngagementCasual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-funCasual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-08Casual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-couple-01Casual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-kiss Casual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-viewbeautiful-view-Casual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement Casual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-waterCasual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-bridekisses-Casual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement Ring-Casual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement Casual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-session-000 Casual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-session-01Groom-carrying-bride-Casual-Summer-Virginia-Engagement-session-000

Photographer:  Mathy Shoots People | Event Venue: Locust Shade Park. (Badge it up with the “Featured on KnotsVilla” badge!)

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