Casual Pennsylvania Engagement Session by Chuck Adams Photography

Pennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement 1

Happy Monday (and new month) friends!

Let’s start the week off with Danielle and Eddie’s Casual Pennsylvania Engagement session by Chuck Adams Photography. Both are seniors at Rowen State College in NJ and plan to get married after graduation next year. Since I know a bit about marrying your college love this session kinda hits home for me 🙂

Hope you enjoy this session and thanks to Chuck Adams for this submission.

PS: If you can’t already tell by the time you are done scrolling down (which I highly doubt), Danielle is also a model during her free time from class.

Causual-Pennsylvania-Outdoor-EngagementsPennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement-sessionPennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement-shoot Pennsylvania-Outdoor-EngagementBlue-Pennsylvania-Outdoor-EngagementCasual-Pennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement-session Casual-Pennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement 1Casual-Pennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement-shootPennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement 2

Photographer:  Chuck Adams Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Have a great week and February friends, hopefully this month is a much better one for you and me.

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