Casual Pennsylvania Engagement Session by Chuck Adams Photography

Pennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement 1

Happy Monday (and new month) friends!

Let’s start the week off with Danielle and Eddie’s Casual Pennsylvania Engagement session by Chuck Adams Photography.¬†Both are seniors at Rowen State College in NJ and plan to get married after graduation next year. Since I know a bit about marrying your college love this session kinda hits home for me ūüôā

Hope you enjoy this session and thanks to Chuck Adams for this submission.

PS: If you can’t already tell by the time you are done scrolling down (which I highly doubt), Danielle is also a model during her free time from class.

Causual-Pennsylvania-Outdoor-EngagementsPennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement-sessionPennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement-shoot Pennsylvania-Outdoor-EngagementBlue-Pennsylvania-Outdoor-EngagementCasual-Pennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement-session Casual-Pennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement 1Casual-Pennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement-shootPennsylvania-Outdoor-Engagement 2

Photographer:  Chuck Adams Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Have a great week and February friends, hopefully this month is a much better one for you and me.

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