Casual Nashville Engagement by Jon Reindl Photography

When: June 19, 2016 | Where: Nashville, Tennessee | Theme: Sports, Casual, Outdoors

We have yet another fun engagement session today hailing from Nashville! Ashley and Jarrett’s Casual Nashville Engagement has us smiling from ear to ear with their love captured in photos. Photographed on the riverfront and at the courthouse in Nashville downtown, they couple added their props and went as far as including Jarrett’s favorite sports team.

Casual Nashville Engagement Session

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About the Couple

“Jarrett and I met at work we both work in the Operating Room. I work in neurosurgery and he in thoracic surgery. I was a traveling nurse and I moved to Hendersonville, TN in March 2014. Jarrett and I met when I started my travel assignment at a hospital in downtown Nashville.

Jarrett and I became good friends and would tease one another. I’m sure you can see the scar on his arm in the pictures. He would make up all kinds of stories about it because he was embarrassed of the true story of how he got it. We are both beer connoisseurs and as friends started going to the Nashville breweries and festivals almost always finding games to play. Most of the time we found giant jenga and we would break the rules and play ridiculously to tease one another.

We kissed for the first time at a festival after playing giant jenga, Jarrett won. After walking me to my car I kissed him on the cheek and quickly got in my car because I didn’t know if that kiss ruined our friendship or started something I was sure I wasn’t ready for. He quickly opened my door and kissed me back. I always tease him that I kissed him first.”

The Proposal

“Jarrett proposed February 13th this year. He had given me little gifts all weekend. I had set up a tour of our favorite brewery, Wiseacre in Memphis, when we returned home that night he surprised me. Jarrett had made a giant jenga set. It was in the middle of the living room. He had written on one of the blocks. “I love you more and now I’ll prove it” as I was reading the block he was on his knee. I would walk 500 miles by the Proclaimers was playing in the background.

It was perfect.”

Wedding Planning Advice

“My advice to brides and grooms that want to do their own intimate wedding is to give yourself time to arrange the details without stressing yourself out. I have gotten a ton of ideas from pinterest and etsy has been my go to shop. Hobby lobby has great craft materials and awesome sales.

Take time in between planning and preparing for just the two of you to relax. Spend time with each other’s family. Family members are a great help during wedding preparations. But never forget that it is your wedding day and ultimately your decisions that make your day possible and memorable.

From elopement to extravagant weddings remember to relax and enjoy your day because no amount of pictures will compare to your memories.”

Vendor Raves

Jon was an excellent photographer that got to know us before we started the photo shoot. He walked all over downtown Nashville in the scorching Tennessee heat to get the perfect pictures. We laughed when he told us to be serious and we more than glistened in the heat. He was prepared for all of that. We’re so grateful.”


Photographer: Jon Reindl Photography LLC//Other Location: Nashville Courthouse//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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