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Swoon with us over today’s adorable 7 year anniversary session. This cozy candle lit attic anniversary session is totally right up our alley and Michelle and Jeff did not disappoint!

Cozy Candle Lit Attic Anniversary Session – The Details

  • Setting – the attic of a rented airB&B
  • Props and Decor – Guitars, Candles, Floral Hoops.
  • Styling – Boho, Relaxed, Cozy

“I wanted to create a comfy, but still sexy vibe in these anniversary photos, and the venue, and set up totally sealed the deal. I had one of my girl friends Ainsley from Fresh Look Designs ( FLD ) help me create the oh so perfect vibe in the attic. All of the candles made it “literally” hot up there 😉 and we had some serious chemistry going on.

Jeff brought his guitar and he played sweetly for Michelle and you could see that awesome friendship that they share. P.s. one of the best parts about being a photographer is being able to witness all of these special moments.

These two share of love for the wedding industry as Michelle is a fantastic planner and Jeff is a rockstar officiant. I like to this of him as “Mr. Hollywood”.

Wardrobe was super simple for this shoot. I told them to wear something comfy but still trendy. Something that they would honestly wear just chilling out at home on the couch. #success”

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Proposal Story

“Jeff and I met back in 2009 at the gym.  Jeff was a personal trainer and I was well…always at the gym!  When we started talking and he offered to work out with me, I said yes!

After our first gym date…we felt a connection. It was unfortunate that on our first date Jeff let me know that at the end of the summer, he had accepted a work contract that would be taking him across Canada and Guatemala for the next 20 months.  The connection was real and at the end of the summer, we decided to stay together and see if we could make the relationship work.  We did!

On a beautiful March night, when I came to visit Jeff in Guatemala he proposed. Volcanoes in the distance were erupting as if planned (you can’t make this stuff up!).  In private ruins, among hundreds of red roses and candles with Guatemalteco guitar players playing just for us, Jeff proposed. The rest is history! Jeff thinks his proposal was amazing (and it was!!!) but I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for our 10th anniversary!!!”


Photographer: Julie Nicole Photography | Florist and Decor: Ainsley Poirier | Makeup Artist: Rachel Jones | Hair: Sarah Collette Thibodeau |

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