Canada Day: Maple Leaf Wedding Inspiration


Maple Leaf Garland via GFetti

Perfect for a Throwback Thursday seeing as Canada day is long passed right? Well, I bit my tongue the other day for the 4th of July Wedding Inspiration board post, where I promised a board for Canada so here I am. I might be finally guilt free of not celebrating Canada day (July 1st) on here but truly how I feel right now is “bleh”. Take a stroll to Google and search in two different tabs, “July 4th Wedding Inspiration” and “Canada Day Wedding Inspiration”, see the difference and you may understand my reason for disappointment. *sigh* I went head on into this Inspiration board post all giddy inside and I came out… well, let’s just say I came out with this! 

What have I learned from all of these? Canadians definitely don’t show their patriotism in Weddings that much, at least not as much as the Americans. Well try to enjoy this post, I gave my word so I could not back out… Here is the Maple Leaf Canada Day Wedding Inspiration Board, the latest addition to EWAM’s Inspiration Boards.

Mr & Mrs garland via Etsy | Maple Leaf Style Favor Box via Wedding Karren | Red & White Bridesmaids via The Knot | Maple Leaf Cup cake via Wedding Bells | Maple Leaf Style Invitation via Fall Wedding Invitations | Maple Leaf Earrings via Linns Creative Jewelry

Maple leaf Cookies via The Vanilla Bean Baker | Maple Leaf Garland via GFetti | Kate Middleton in Maple Leaf Headpiece via Dailymail | Maple Leaf Earrings via Wedding Accessories | Maple Leaf Styled invitation via Invites Weddings

One thing made me smile though; Kate Middleton’s appearance on this board 🙂 Only this lady can pull off such a headpiece, I dare not! Haha!

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  1. Cece

    Red is so festive and pretty! I tend not to think of it for weddings since I’m a pastel kind of girl but it could be really pretty.


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