Burgundy Fall Wedding Inspiration

Hey lovers! I know, it’s a little odd for me to be posting on a weekend but I had to find a spot for this quick post! This is what happens when you are getting one post ready and unintentionally another post is birthed. This whole week (apart from Tuesday) we would be focusing on the season here in North America – Fall. As many of you know, I have mad love for this season so I decided to dedicate a whole week to fall weddings – hopefully I can do this for the other seasons some day!

With Fall, there are many colors of inspiration with burgundy being one of them. When those green leaves are falling off the trees, at some point they look reddish-burgundy and that is where this fall wedding color hails from. I have been able to quickly put this board up to give you an idea of how beautiful your fall wedding could be with Burgundy. I know, it is more of a strong color so I have selected photos with a little bit of white and light to calm it down a bit which allows for more flexibility in combination and coordination.

Note: An affiliate link is used for the invitation added. This means if you make a purchase through that link, knotsvilla gets compensated. 


This board was solely inspired by the couple’s photo just for the fact it is simply beautiful! With fall weddings in my mind, I have been seeing really amazing photos of couples under the fall tree and these kinds of photos make me picture how beautiful they would look when hung in homes. Once I stumbled on this photo, the groomsmen photo was the next, and then I knew the wedding gods wanted me to create an inspiration board for you!

Photo Credits: Bridesmaids photo by Half Orange Photography via Let’s Make It Mine | Couple under tree photo by Ivan Zamanuhin | Fall Wedding Invitation (affiliate link used) by Wedding Paper Divas | Groomsmen Photo by Ryan Ray via Project Wedding

Hope you this helps anyone looking to visualize their burgundy fall wedding.

PS: I have been having second thoughts about this color, is it really burgundy or more of cranberry? I still can’t figure it out so hopefully you can help me here! I’m tired of this post haunting me!

Happy Sunday loves, till tomorrow!

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