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Isn’t it pretty interesting that our 2 brides for the Wedding Diaries 2014 started this month of April with posts about the Bridesmaids? Last week Bride Robin told us how she asked her ladies to be her Bridesmaids and also inspired us with other special ways to do this task. And today Bride Davia is talking numbers, how she asked and some details about picking their dresses. Hope you enjoy this Boho and Rustic Bride’s post today!

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Eric & I had talked about the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen before we were ever engaged. He wanted 11 groomsmen. Before this, I always assumed when I went to a wedding with a large bridal party that it was the bride who couldn’t narrow down the number of bridesmaids. But the more I talk to people I think it is actually the groom who has the hard time narrowing down the wedding party. So we compromised with 8 groomsmen, 8 bridesmaids and 3 ushers. My maid of honor is my sister. The bridesmaids are Eric’s 2 sisters and 5 of my closest friends throughout different times of life.

I asked my bridesmaids to be in the wedding by sending out invitations that I had designed with a gold dipped feather tied around them. I was very excited to receive responses, like “that is a stupid question, of course I’ll be in your wedding.”


Originally when I thought about the bridesmaid dresses, I thought I would have eclectic dresses all in the same color and let the bridesmaids choose. But then I decided that could almost be more stressful for some people to have to search for the right color and it might be easier to be told what to buy. I had a dress in mind for the bridesmaids and was waiting to see if it will be re-released in more colors and have all the sizes available, because right now it is slim pickings. The colors that have run through my mind are either, ivory, blush, grey or burgundy. The dress is a Free People all over lace dress.


Floral Mesh Lace Dress – Free People (Affiliate Link)

Then something miraculous happened. Fate. Literally my whole experience in planning has been an AMAZING blessing.

My mom and I went bridesmaid dress shopping at Nordstrom to see if I could find anything else that I liked. As soon as we began the search I was bored. I think I have said this in every post I have had on here but, I know what I want. And what I wanted were those Free People dresses. We followed our Nordstrom search with a personal shopping trip to Nordstrom Rack. At the rack my mom found similar white lace dresses, but no where near as perfect as the ones I wanted.

Then I found a rack of coral and blush dresses where I picked up 6 blush floral lace Free People dresses – The exact ones I wanted for less than half the price! I yelled across the store to my mom with my pile of dresses “Mom these are them!” I was in shock, but so excited. I texted the girls a photo and asked for their sizes. I bought all 6 and Nordstrom did a search and send for the other 2 sizes. I am thrilled to have these dresses! I don’t have a lace wedding dress which would probably surprise people that know me so I felt I needed lace for the bridesmaids.

I have not decided on shoes yet for the bridesmaids. This is the one thing I am very indecisive about. I cannot decide between boots or wedges. I think boots would be cute because it is fall, but wedges are a little more dressy for a wedding. I think I just haven’t found the right pair of boots or wedges yet and that is why I cannot make-up my mind.

If you have any specific shoe suggestions for the bridesmaids of a boho bride and a rustic wedding, I’d love to hear your ideas!


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    How exciting finding those bridesmaids dresses must have been Davia. I hope the rest of your planning is as blessed.


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