Bridesmaids Survival Kit | 15 Items You Can Include

Many call them the wedding day emergency kit or the wedding day survival kit; they are made up of those little things that can save the day when the bride or bridesmaids are faced with small but all too familiar emergencies on the wedding day. The wedding day is usually filled with activities, planning and more activities. Most people (especially the bridesmaids) are super busy and sometimes even rushed. The busier/rushed things are on that day, the more likely emergencies arise; emergencies like a stain on the satin shoes, a rip on the dress, a small skin cut and more. That’s why the Bridesmaids Survival kit is necessary.

For the Bridesmaids Survival kit, not all bridesmaids need to have them. Depending on the number of bridesmaids in a party, one, two or three bridesmaids can have the kit which can be used for the whole wedding party. Though we refer to them as the Bridesmaids Survival Kit and are tailored to the ladies in the wedding party, they are not only for the bridesmaids. These essentials can be used for anyone in the wedding party who runs into these kinds of emergency – from flower girls all the way to parents of the couple.

The survival kit can also be turned around and used as Bridesmaids gifts. When doing so, pay attention to the packaging, make it cute and used words that express your gratitude to the ladies for standing next to you – cute labels/stickers are your friends in this case.

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For Clothing

1. Safety Pin

2. Fashion Tape

3. Pocket Sewing Kit

4. Lint Remover

5. Stain Remover Stick

For Hair

6. Hair Ties

7. Hair Pins

8. Double Sized Comb

For Beauty

9. Pocket Mirrors

10. Earring Backs

For Grooming

11. Wipes/Tissue

12. Nail Polish Remover (Solution and Pads)

13. Hand Lotion

14. Deodorant

15. Band Aid


Bridesmaids Survival Kit - Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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