Bridesmaids Dresses by Virgos Lounge

Have you heard of Virgos Lounge? I kinda just did the moment these gorgeous photos of Bridesmaids Dresses landed in my inbox. I immediately knew my darling readers would happily swoon along with me on these. The styles, the colors and the models who rocked them oh so perfectly are a few of my favorite things from this feature.

Virgos Lounge, seem to be all about creating beautifully crafted and intricate occasion wear. This collection is from their summer collection which they went an extra mile to create something for the bridesmaids. Why I love this collection? Because a girl needs to be able to wear BM dresses after the wedding and this collection, I believe allows just that.

Like I said, swoon with me readers, happy Thursday!

LEIGHBridesmaids-Dresses-2014-Virgos-Lounge-LEIGH5 Bridesmaids-Dresses-2014-Virgos-Lounge-LEIGH2KELLYBridesmaids-Dresses-2014-Virgos-Lounge-KELLYMINI4 Bridesmaids-Dresses-2014-Virgos-Lounge-KELLYMINI2JAYNEBridesmaids-Dresses-2014-Virgos-Lounge-JAYNE4 Bridesmaids-Dresses-2014-Virgos-Lounge-JAYNEISABELLEBridesmaids-Dresses-2014-Virgos-Lounge-ISABELLE4 Bridesmaids-Dresses-2014-Virgos-Lounge-ISABELLEGILDABridesmaids-Dresses-2014-Virgos-Lounge-GILDA3Bridesmaids-Dresses-2014-Virgos-Lounge-GILDA4

About Virgos Lounge: Virgos Lounge is a London based womenswear brand established in 2008. The brands aesthetic is based on their love for vintage clothing, combining contemporary silhouettes, trends and colours with classic vintage styles to create unique statement pieces for the modern woman.

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  1. ChicBrownBride

    I follow them on Instagram! Love the back of the pink dress..and the peach dresses are nice too!


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