Bridesmaids Dresses by the Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


Happy Friday mes amis! Today I’m in the mood to go year round with bridesmaids dresses. I have gathered 20 fab dresses which I think would be prefect for you and have arranged them according to seasons, you’re welcome 🙂

With these dresses, I pretty much picked the first color I thought of when I heard of a season. Though some seasons are known for a number of colors, I have decided to stick to one color but mix and match dress styles for a fun and varied look.

Here, you would see long dresses, short dresses, strapless, one-strap, sleeved and other different styles; at least you should spot a few that melts your heart regardless of your taste.

Note: This post has affiliate links, should any purchase be made, KV gets compensated.

Let’s get to shopping swooning 🙂

1. Season: Spring | Color: Green | My Color Inspiration: Life in Trees, Grass, Leaves.


Get the Look (Left to Right): Alfred Sung D492 Bridesmaid DressAlfred Angelo 7126Watters 8518 Bridesmaid DressAlfred Sung D642 Bridesmaid DressAlfred Angelo 7285 S Bridesmaid Dress

2. Season: Summer | Color: Yellow | My Color Inspiration: The Sun.


Get the Look (Left to Right): 57 Grand 5708 Bridesmaid DressAlfred Sung D674 Bridesmaid DressSocial 8124 Bridesmaid DressAfter Six 6649 Bridesmaid DressDessy Twist Wrap: Short With Chiffon Overskirt Bridesmaid Dress

3. Season: Fall | Color: Orange | My Color Inspiration: Dying and falling Leaves.


Get the Look (Left to Right): Alfred Sung Style D619 Bridesmaids DressAlfred Sung Style D639Alfred Sung Style D596Alfred Sung Style D643Alfred Sung Style D605

4. Season: Winter | Color: Blue | My Color Inspiration: Frozen, the movie 🙂


Get the Look (Left to Right): Alfred Sung D495 Bridesmaid DressDessy 2860 Bridesmaid DressDessy 2895 Bridesmaid DressAfter Six 6665 Bridesmaid DressDessy 2874 Bridesmaid Dress

Question of the day: What’s your favorite season and color? Mine is Fall and the alternate color for the season would be Purple (my fave color!). For more on Purple, enjoy this post on Purple Bridesmaids Dresses!

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